The Cleaning Lady And You. 6 Points That You Should Check In Their Treatment And Remuneration

Do you have or are you thinking of having someone to be the domestic service in your home? This article may interest you.

On one occasion, Mexican writer Elena Poniatowska declared: “For a woman to develop, she must frequently underutilize another woman.” And, indeed, many women rely on others to be able to go out to work and develop. And these are women like our mother, sisters, friends, neighbors, whom we even pay for this help; as is the case of the domestic service person.

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Whether you have one or more people to help in your home, that you depend on them to carry out your own activities or take care of your children and your home, keep in mind these six recommendations regarding their treatment and remuneration, because at the end of the day, live with the members of your family:

1. Slavery is over

Like any job, you should consider fair and logical schedules for her, give her time to eat and, depending on your possibilities and space in your home, a place where she can rest, wash and have privacy.

The person who helps you is a woman who can be a wife and mother like you. Do not forget. Abusing need is unworthy and reprehensible.

2. Clear as water

When hiring someone to help you, be clear and honest from the beginning, perhaps you are not in a position to sign a contract, pay taxes and give other benefits, but even if it is little, it should be clear to both parties what what will be done and what will accrue. That is, what will your activities be and how much will you earn for it.

3. Justice and respect, give it its place

Women domestic workers have been abused, abused, and despised women for decades in many cultures and societies, and it is in our hands that these women – who often have little education or access to social benefits – find a workplace where they are respected, treated with dignity and can, like us, see to their own personal development. And this place can be your home.

Doing so is not charity, nor does it speak of your good heart, it is an act of civility and humanity. Our children and husband should be just as respectful towards the lady who helps us as they are towards any other person, and the fact that there is someone to do the chores does not mean that family members should not help and have their own duties.

4. It’s a job, not a handout

They don’t do us a favor, they pay for an accrued service, and we cannot and should not confuse friendship and even familiarity to “justify” late payment, injustice, abuse of either party or loss of respect. In the same way, we must consider that they have what it takes so that they can carry out their work and not ask for what we are incapable of giving.

5. Speaking of confidence

Years ago, the “servants” did not eat with the family in the dining room, they did it separately, in the kitchen and the status that the person in the toilet had within that house and family was very noticeable.

Today many of us even give the key to the house to the cleaning lady and entrust her with the privacy of our home and our family, but we must also not leave aside security issues, such as letters of recommendation, knowledge and verification your telephone number and address, and we are not only talking about robberies, but also accident cases, where families can communicate and be aware that you are well.

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6. Call them by name

When you refer to them when talking to other people, please! do not call them as disparagingly they say: “maids”, “MarĂ­as” or “cats”, because, although it is difficult to believe, this type of classism and discrimination still exist and women are treated with dignity and as such they should be considered . If possible, call them by name and teach your children to treat them with consideration, respect, and love.

Hopefully every day we women can truly be more supportive of each other and watch over the progress of those around us, because by advancing one we all advance.

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