The Champions Traveled To Heaven And Were Not In The Final, But What Happened In The Stadium Shakes The World

Try to watch this latest video without shedding a tear. No goodbye, just see you later.

It was not a final like the others in which the fans gather to leave their souls while supporting the team they love. On this occasion, the team of his loves, took a different course. For something in life, they ended their journey and their end in heaven.

A fact that does not stop moving the world, not only because they were a team of players, but more than anything because they were a group of people full of dreams, who traveled to reach the greatest goal they had been working to achieve, but God had another plan.

We say God, because surely for Him they also entered as champions

The stadium where the final would be held was packed, but instead of shouts and chants of encouragement to a team there were white jerseys, lit candles, team jerseys and tears flooding the stadium.

The banners were different

Our people expressed their feeling and admiration for the eternal champions.

A video posted by Atl├ętico Nacional SA (@nacionaloficial) on Dec 1, 2016 at 3:44 am PST

It did not read let’s go Chapecoense. The banners said things like “Strength families, fans and the Chapecoense people”, “We are with you Chape” and “We are all Chapecoense.”

We are all Chapecoense

Yes, these days we are all from that place that occupies a small part of the geography of the world, for a few days, and hopefully for many more, we are all one in soul and heart.

This is something that tragedies bring

It is true that it should not be like that, but it is these things that pierce our souls with pain that make the world one. Those that unite us, those that erase all barriers and borders, because my daughters and I at this moment are as Brazilian and Chapecoense as the rest of the world.

76 pigeons were launched from the stadium symbolizing the flight of these champions

The pain is intense, worse the unity that it has caused in the world, the hugs, the lack of rivalry between the teams, the pigeons, the candles and the hugs between complete strangers, can only be the result that we are human beings, that we have the ability to feel for others, to suffer with others.

Mom, will their families ever see them again the way you say that one day you will see your grandmother again?

My almost 11-year-old daughter asked me, and my answer was a definite yes. Regardless of the beliefs that each one has, it is good to believe that death is not a goodbye, it is just a see you later.

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