The Benefits Of Wearing The Shawl Today

The use of the shawl or scarf can help you raise emotionally strong and secure children, do you want to know how?

Latin American women have inherited the use of the rebozo from pre-Hispanic times, a garment that consists of a long and wide cloth, generally made on a loom and with fringes on the edges. This garment has been used for many years to carry and carry our babies and has even become, for many, an accessory that is part of our wardrobe. However, for some time the use of the shawl was considered as something old-fashioned, obsolete and even a sign of low social class, before which many women forgot its use and chose to use other more sophisticated ways to carry their babies.

Faced with such a situation, something curious arises: mothers have stopped carrying their babies in their arms and the little ones spend much more time in baby carriers, strollers, pushchairs and all kinds of modern devices; while, away from mom’s arms, the bond with her is lost too early.

Nowadays, more and more studies argue that newborns and young children need to be kept as close to the mother as possible for two main reasons: one, the psycho-emotional factor; and two, physical development, both fundamental pillars in the upbringing and natural development of the human being. It is in this panorama that the shawl of our great-grandmothers comes to our rescue.

Psycho-emotional help

Our son spent nine months in a safe place, warm and very close to our heart, listening to its rhythmic heartbeat day after day. At birth, he is suddenly faced with lights, cold, shrill noises everywhere and without the heartbeat and warmth of mother. One of the great advantages of using the shawl is that it allows us to keep our child very close to the chest, give him warmth and affection, speak closely to him and strengthen our emotional bond with him. These early experiences will give you the confidence and security that you will require throughout your life. In cases where the little ones are born prematurely, parents are recommended to have skin-to-skin closeings with the baby, since loving physical contact is capable of working miracles. Having our children so close gives us the opportunity to love, lull and closely monitor their reactions and needs.

Physical development

The use of the shawl allows us to breastfeed easily, in addition to the fact that children, whose mothers use it to carry them, have less colic or reflux. They are calmer, sleep much better, and their spine and hips are strengthened.

There are also benefits for mothers

If you decide to carry your baby with a shawl, you will be able to do your activities normally and your back will thank you, since in this way you can accommodate the weight and balance it comfortably. In addition, you will always have your little one close by, breastfeeding will not be a problem for you and your baby will get used to your coming and going, as well as hearing and becoming familiar with voices and sounds with the security of having you very close.

Nowadays, new mothers acquire the so-called “scarves”, which are nothing other than the old shawls but now made of elastic fabrics, much more comfortable and in different colors. In addition, I consider it a real wonder that now the use of the scarf is also promoted among fathers and not only in mothers. Every time I see a dad wear it, I am grateful for these concerned and concerned men about their babies.

Despite all the benefits that I have told you about, maybe you will hear some comments that say that it hurts the baby to carry it all day, because then he will not want to be without your arms. Given this, I can only share my personal experience: children grow up while we blink and the day will come when you will no longer be able to carry them, or have them so close. They will want to go live their own lives and take flight. You, you must let them go and encourage them to do so, so today that you can, keep them very close to your heart.

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