The Benefits Of Journaling

Did you know that writing about yourself, the things that happen to you, how you feel and what you think, can be a great therapy?

I started writing about my life when I was in the fifth year of primary school and at the suggestion of my teacher. Back then, my parents were coming back to live together after some very chaotic time of being apart, in yet another attempt for them to keep the family together and not get divorced. I imagine that my teacher, who knew about my problems and was trying to help me, had the great idea of ​​encouraging me to write what happened to me: «Write everything you want to say, how you feel and what you think, then break it! I obeyed her in all the recommendations she made me, except one: break my writings.

My teacher’s advice later turned into the habit of keeping a personal journal, helping me cope with problems at home, adolescence and youth, develop a talent, and discover a way to help myself and inspire to others.

Coping with problems

No matter what stage of life you are in, there are always complex or sad situations that we must go through. Writing can be an opportunity for you to reflect, vent and express your most intimate feelings. Today you can write on your computer and keep your files safe, or if you are from “the old school” a little notebook will accompany you when you need it most. It is not necessary to start with the hackneyed phrase: “Dear Diary” or things like that, just write what you want.

The invitation is to feel better, because by saying or “taking out” the things that torment you, they will begin to be more bearable. Maybe my teacher’s advice will work for you and breaking what you have written will liberate and reassure you.

See your life in retrospect

The advantage of saving your writing is that you can go to the past as many times as you want to review it. Here I am going to make a small recommendation, you choose if you follow it or not: describe in great detail the mistakes we make, can be counterproductive in a process of healing and / or repentance, since reliving the details of said situation it could make us feel depressed instead of helping us out. Write what happened and how you feel, think of an imaginary reader and how what you are suffering can help you avoid something like this or overcome it, that will help you much more than you imagine.

Understand you

In my case, when I go through my old notebooks, I end up dying of laughter when I see how much I worried about things that were not so important or about situations in which I thought it was the end of the world, same that soon passed and I continued on, while that others definitely marked me. Reading about myself, about the things that I have lived and how I experienced them, helps me to understand myself better, as well as to be more tolerant and patient with myself.

When you read your journal, you may want to disappear some pages that you wrote, if you feel like it, do it! Eliminate what hurts you and what you no longer want in your life, but do the entire process: break the sheet when forgiveness and repentance tell you that you are no longer the person who did or said that, that today you are stronger than what that page claimed and then delete it with a big smile!

Inspire and encourage others

My old diaries I closed and sealed, they were kept for many, many years. Recently, one of my daughters told me about a problem that did not leave her alone, she was very sad and distressed so I told her that I understood her, that I knew what she was talking about. She didn’t believe me and said: “You couldn’t make this mistake, it’s too serious!” It was then that I went in search of one of my diaries, where I knew the same experience was written, and I read aloud what I had written at almost the same age and in her own words. We cried together and as my reading progressed, the problem had been solved and other things caught her attention; in a matter of a few pages, everything was so much better. My daughter was able to understand that hers had a solution, that it would happen and that there is light at the end of life’s trials. This experience encouraged me to write this for you, as I am sure that your experiences will encourage and inspire many if you wish.

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