The Annoying Noisy Neighbor… Is It Me?

Sharing with our neighbors, improving ties of friendship and proposing new things for our neighborhood make us and our children enjoy a healthy coexistence.

The condition of human beings makes us social. It is for this great reason that we always seek to live in society, to be accompanied by someone. However, if we ask someone who is over fifty years of age, to compare what life in society was like in their younger days, and today, it will be very clear that society has degenerated in its capacity for coexistence. Indeed: less and less, in all parts of the world, we know how to live with our neighbors. The neighbor across the street is less and less a friend, someone to trust, and has become more and more a stranger, often annoyingly loud. Social coexistence requires conditions so that our coexistence is better every day. For this reason, allow me to make some suggestions, so that your home does not become the house of the “annoying noisy neighbor across the street”:

Have high ideals

When arriving in a neighborhood, it is good to make known who we are and what we expect when we arrive there.

Be friendly

It is even a very good idea to determine which of the residents of the neighborhood are conflictive and try to make affective bonds to improve the quality of social life.

Teach civility to our children

A fundamental part of knowing how to live in society is civility. As Lloyd Fallers said: “Civility allows us to eliminate the tension that exists in the differences of society and the various groups to which we belong. It is a tolerant and generous recognition of our attachment to the social order and of the common responsibility we have with respect to it, regardless of our diversity. ” Confucius said that civility is teaching our children to behave at the table as if they were eating in front of the king, and Ralph Waldo Emerson said that our civility is highest when our moral sense is deepest. When we or our children acquire that civility, then we are aware that in our environment there are newborn babies, elderly people who like and enjoy silence, people of other religions and almost all get up early to work, it is for this reason that if we want a safer place for us and our children this starts from our home.

Actively participate for the benefit of our neighborhood

If we belong to a community council, we must try to be bearers of good words, lead projects that promote social improvement, and even encourage the youth of the neighborhood to be managers of healthy coexistence, creating, for example, groups for those of the third Age.

Educate by example, so that our children take care of those in need

I have the firm conviction that God made us with a purpose of faith and hope for our regions, as I also believe that, starting from that purpose, we must support all the people who are part of our community. We must not be apathetic to the social situation of our neighbors, and be worthy that they trust us to take care that we take care of their home when they are not in the place at that time, as well as see that our children, when They are in the street playing, be aware of the needs of the neighbors, etc.

If we all contribute a grain of sand to improve our neighborhood, we will be able to build a new world. Let us remember that peace begins from our home and from there we are bearers of peace and faith in community. Remember that:

  1. The good life is not a series of comforts that come from circumstances: it is something that we generate and give to ourselves.

  2. With a good attitude, there is no bad neighbor. We can achieve change our environment, with a healthy coexistence.

  3. The neighborhood belongs to each and everyone.

  4. We all have the obligation to contribute healthy habits of coexistence. For this reason, we must be managers of peace and dialogue: we all deserve to be heard and at the same time contribute.

  5. The only way to work to achieve world peace is to start with our family, so that it is an agent of change in the neighborhood, in order to improve coexistence.

For example, in my case: when I arrive in a neighborhood, the first thing I do is meet the neighbors who live around me; Every morning I greet my neighbors, then they ask me my name and in this way I am interacting with them to improve the healthy coexistence of my neighborhood, my son goes out to play with the neighborhood children and we try to integrate, especially in special times, such as Christmas, or Mother’s Day, making community sancochos (typical Colombian dishes) and this has given me very good results. I invite you to try to do the same and I am sure that this will give you very good results. Life has taught me that big things always come from small things.

Sow in your heart peace and forgiveness. The harshness and uneasiness that does not allow us to move forward starts from her. If we all bring together a healthy coexistence in their neighborhood, each day we will build a better world. Let’s not think so much about ourselves, but about the society that we are leaving behind to our children, who will continue our work.

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