The 5 Most Common Relationship Problems Among Millennials, According To The Therapists

New era, new way of communicating, and new problems. Do you recognize yourself in any of them?

You’ve probably heard about Millennials in recent years. Sometimes they are spoken of as a separate spice, but in truth this new generation is called that which was born between 1981 and 1995 and reached its adult life in the new millennium. Through the era of telecommunications, millennials have some relationship problems that characterize them and differentiate them from previous generations.

According to ABC, the term Millennials is given because they are the generation that came of age with the entry of the new millennium, and they tend to be very smart, academically prepared, as well as self-centered. However, another of the characteristics that distinguishes them is that this generation is finding it difficult to find love or establish a partner.

The technology of love

According to the Huffington Post, and according to Tara Griffith, therapist and founder of the Wellspace SF community of professionals, “The sheer number of options present in today’s dating scene can make commitment even more difficult for a generation that has been conditioned to have it all.

According to the specialist, millennials have been influenced in recent years by the large number of dating applications and technology in general, and this has influenced their behavior regarding interpersonal relationships. “Unlike previous generations, the day of simply meeting and marrying the boy or girl next door is over,” said the expert.

Everyone and at any time in history has had more or less the odd problem in love, but according to experts, in recent years Millennials have brought the following concerns to therapy:

1. «Is there someone better for me out there?

This generation is characterized by being too indecisive in terms of decisions. According to Liz Higgins, a couples therapist in Dallas, Millennials are cornered by information and the amount of it sometimes makes it difficult for them to focus on the goal of the decision; So even though they are on a date or in a relationship, they are wondering if there is someone better out there or a better opportunity.

2. »Why should I get married?

Millennials don’t really get the point of marriage. The priorities go through other things like traveling, studying, or having new experiences before living with someone. Many choose to form a couple when they are already financially established, and many others find it too difficult to formalize with someone because they come from the homes of divorced parents. It may seem good for many, and bad for others, the important thing is to be able to live with it.

3. »What did you mean by what you wrote?»

The majority of communication between Millennials comes from verbal non-oral sources. Text messages, whatsapp, comments on social networks and the publication of images, photos and videos are part of the communication heritage of this generation. How is it possible to interpret the tone that the other person is using? If someone writes “Sure, whatever you want” as an answer, the way in which it is interpreted depends on the other. You are not hearing the tone of voice or seeing their gestures, how do you know if the other is angry and is being ironic or is simply saying that they have no problem and do not care? This clearly represents a problem for the couple and a lot of waste of time and energy.

4. »Why am I not dating anyone?»

Many Millennials see how their peers begin to marry and start a family and then the questions begin. And while this generation is actually comfortable with reaching 30 single, many others still wonder how they cannot establish a relationship.

5. »I don’t want to be financially tied to my partner»

One’s control of money can be a balance of power for this generation. This is why many millennials prefer to establish their personal finances before entering into a relationship. Today’s generations seek to have separate accounts and totally separate economies. However, it is best to explore what works best for the couple from all aspects and discuss the limits.

All generations have been labeled and each has suffered criticism. Millennials have been called “the spoiled generation” for their way of thinking and their eagerness to change the world. Perhaps the changes promoted by this new generation will bring their advantages to the world. What do you think?

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