The 5 Most Common Problems In Families, And Their Solutions!

Each family is different and there are problems as there are families, but when we review we can see that there are things that the vast majority have in common. Find out!

In the world there is no marriage or family without problems, difficulties or challenges. Single, married with and without children, we all without exception have something to overcome, because that’s just how life is and it’s about living it.

In general, we can say that all the difficulties we face fall into the following categories in which, at the same time, I list some good suggestions to find the solution and not stop our path:

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Problem: Limping financially

This is the problem that we hear about most often, and that reaches us all at some point in life. The inconveniences and economic constraints do not appear by themselves, because believe it or not, we generate them, we cause them and we allow them to last as long as we want. If your problem is currently economic, you should pay attention to the following solutions and activate now.

Solution: Financial management, job training, work, save and educate

You will tell me that it is very easy to say it, but it is true! The economic problem appeared because in one of these points, or several, you were not careful. The anguish of paying off credit cards, having little or no income because you can’t get a job, losing this and everything else, is an endless cycle that must be broken. The keywords are discipline and perseverance for you and your family. Until you take control of your money and how you spend it, you will be easy prey and will never be free from this terrible evil.

Problem: Poor health

In this area we have two reasons that are linked to each other: we lose our health due to negligence or simply in our life there is the challenge of living personally, or a loved one, an illness.

Solutions: Take care of the health you have today

This is the first, and most important: exercise and healthy eating are mandatory topics; then say goodbye to the abuse of anything that personally hurts you, such as soda (sodas).

Second, when the disease has already settled at home and lives in the family, you have to accept it and live the best you can. Running away, denying, suffering or going against it only makes the disease stronger and we give it more power over us. It is a process, it is true, but you have to know how to assimilate the most terrible cancer, immobility, loss of limbs, functions or senses. Fighting disease, wears down and overwhelms. Accepting and doing what must be done or as far as it can be done, will gradually free us. Remember that “there is no evil that lasts a hundred years, nor a person who can endure them.”

That is one of the greatest difficulties in life and the most painful when it comes to our children, but keep this in mind: do not fight the disease, accept and act.

Problem: Emotional is another drag

After illness, emotional problems greatly hurt the person and those around him. In this category we include addictions, food, alcohol, pornography, drugs of all kinds and all disorders and disorders. But, at the same time, they are problems that have a solution.

Solution: Courage and constancy

Courage to accept that there is a problem, a need and a lack. Courage to ask for help or accept what is offered to us. Evidence to attend therapy, to do what must be done and to get away from everything that hurts us or refers us to what we must abandon.

Today we are fortunate to have specialists who can give us a hand, but we must be convinced that we will not give up until we achieve improvements.

Problem: Challenges with or caused by the children

They say that the greatest pains in life will be given to us by our children, beginning with those of childbirth, and it is true. Sometimes children get into serious trouble that often overtakes us. A child who has made a mistake can destroy the parents’ health, their life savings, and the assets that cost them years of sacrifice. Children in jail, who have hurt other people, irresponsible and any other issue that involves and tests our love for them.

Solution: Education, values ​​and discipline

There is nothing else, the problems of children are prevented when, as parents, we educate and prepare them for the world; When we teach them to face the consequences of their actions, we do not tolerate vices and we promote a healthy, correct life based on values ​​that are lived and demanded at home. There is no other.

Problem: In a couple there is also straw

A marriage begins with love, illusions, a lot of good will and a desire to be with the couple. But time passes and one day the loved one seems repudiable, unknown and even unbearable. Infidelities appear, economic dishonesty and personal growth without any project as a couple or family ends up dissolving the marriage.

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Divorce is a very hard blow that it is not necessary to go through if we do something today to take care of our life as a couple.

Solution: Go back to the beginning …

To love and courtship, to the conquest and the service and care of the loved one. Be guided by these keywords: forgiveness and reconciliation.

Finally, two secrets:

The attitude

Any problem is easier to overcome by improving our attitude. The task does not change its nature, but we improve our ability to cope with it. A good attitude lightens our loads and allows us to flow without colliding and destroying ourselves.


Having the gift of faith, developing it and believing in God completely changes our perception of life and we begin to see problems with new eyes. Those who have faith can face whatever it takes and remain happy, even when the greatest sorrows come their way. The believer knows that whatever happens will always be for his good.

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