The 4 Unknown Dangers Of Being In A Relationship Where You Are Not Loved But Controlled

Learn how to tell if he really loves you or just loves controlling you. Avoid dire consequences.

Some women often confuse the love of their partner with emotional attachment. They are women who constantly live in fear of failing in their relationship, they cannot conceive of life without their partner despite not being happy.

They are even afraid of facing their partner; they hold back for not being able to express their feelings, emotions, ideas and opinions; Some of them are submissive for most of their lives, despite this, they believe they are sure of the unconditional love of their partner, since they do not know any other way to love.

However, there are many dangers these women face, and if they do not realize and accept their sad reality, they can suffer devastating consequences such as death.

How to realize that the love relationship in which you live is not love, but control? How to face reality?

1. When your partner is obsessive jealous

There is the false belief that “who loves is jealous,” however, it is a way of hiding insecurities, hiding low self-esteem and not having self-esteem. When the couple is actually controlling, they start by doing endless interrogations, they have control of the time, they search social networks, cell phones or any digital device, they carefully observe each purchase tickets, they are even able to call every 30 minutes to know how your loved one is.

Among other abnormal behaviors, such as causing scandals in public or ridiculing your partner in front of a large crowd.

The danger is psychological and even physical, the desire to control the partner in a compulsive way affects their emotional state, it is believed to become an object of little value. The jealous partner can react violently by physically attacking their loved one.

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2. Handling

The danger faced by couples who are manipulated is the lack of security, confidence and depression, if the psychological power exercised by the couple is so serious, suicide is considered.

These people are unable to make decisions and resolve their own conflicts. A common example that some men commit is manipulating their women with constant threats such as: the one that they are going to leave them or that they will take their children, or they pretend to hurt themselves, if they do not do what they want.

Women that is not love, it is control!

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3. Lack of respect

“Don’t wear that skirt because you look so ridiculous”, “You are always wrong, you never do anything right”, “Please do not speak at the meeting, because I am ashamed”, “You are only good for cooking and washing clothes.”

Disrespect includes insults, sarcasm, negative criticism, in order to control the partner and make him want. The danger is when the couple believes everything they hear, because they are offended they think that the couple is right and that their behavior has to change, to the extent of not being able to identify reality.

4. Absolute control of life

Controlling people believe they are the absolute owners of their partner. They control the physical, emotional and financial part. Many times they outright forbid their partners to work, study and be independent, giving them the false belief that they will keep them happy all their lives and that they need nothing more than to be by their side.

It can be thought that it is a blessing, however, the danger is that the person who is controlled will not be able to have their own goals and dreams, they will never be able to feel independent, self-sufficient and capable of solving their problems. Self-esteem is damaged, self-confidence and the desire to fight are broken. What will happen to her future when the partner who supports her financially is gone?

Although everyone around you realizes the dangers you run by staying in a destructive relationship, if you do not want to leave it, it will be impossible for them to help you. Never hesitate to seek the guidance of a specialist, so you will be able to heal yourself in all areas of your person.

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