The 4 Most Useless Purchases For Your Baby

If you are expecting a baby and you have already started shopping to prepare for their arrival, then pay attention to this article.

When we are going to have a baby at home, we hope to receive it in the best possible way. However, sometimes due to lack of information or inexperience, we buy some objects that far from making life easier for us can lead to a series of health problems for our child. That is why if you are -like me- expecting a baby, I invite you to think twice before buying the following objects:

Pacifier (Pacifier)

Many people believe that the pacifier will calm the newborn, however, the only thing it generates is confusion, because it cannot know which is the mother’s nipple and which is the plastic one. For the rest, you should know that it is absolutely normal for small babies to want to pass close to their mother’s breast. In the first instance, because it is the only place they recognize and secondly because the higher the suction, the higher the milk production they can have.

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If you have questions about the use of the pacifier, it is better that you consult it directly with your child’s pediatrician and determine with all the cards on the table whether or not to deliver it for use.

Baby carriers (mattresses, kangaroos)

They have been popular for decades, their use is very frequent. However, many recent studies found that the weight of the baby’s body falls on the genitals, as they sit in a bad position. Therefore, the best alternative is to consult directly about the carrying or use of meitai, scarf or some other popular method in your country.

Walker (walker)

Far from teaching them to walk, what causes them is to learn to push to be able to move and once again they remain seated on their genitals. And as if that were not enough, it is a sure source of home accidents, because by not being able to control the speed, they can hit, bounce against the wall, burn themselves when throwing (pulling) the tablecloth or many other unwanted home accidents. Therefore, it is best to leave them safe areas where they are the ones who can move safely until they learn to walk without difficulty.

Mini crib – Moses

It is surely a very useful purchase if the parents’ room is small, however, you must think that they are designed up to a certain amount of kilos and if there is something that some babies easily achieve is to gain weight at the speed of light. So you won’t be using it for more than 2-3 months before your baby needs a bigger, better-designed space for him.

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I know that there is nothing more exciting than receiving a baby at home, but we must also be aware that perhaps the market offers us endless devices that will not be entirely useful for our child. For the same reason, my recommendation is that the money be allocated first to the purchase of diapers -whether they are cloth or disposable-, and when we get to know you a little better, we turn to the large devices offered by the different multi-stores. In addition, this way you will have time to learn about the benefits or risks of using them with your baby.

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