The 3 Reasons Why Smart Women Act Like They’re Not Alone Even If They Don’t Have A Partner

A lie or a way to seduce?

There is a recurring idea in most of society: “if you are not married, you are unhappy”, however at this time in history the idea of ​​not marrying is adopted by several people. For some, this decision is due to the fact that the ideal person in their life with whom they decided to have a relationship that would lead to marriage never arrived, and the idea of ​​marrying someone who did not fully fulfill it is not an option. Although a large percentage of people argue that a life shared with someone else is always going to be preferable (even if the partner is not fully loved) than a life alone. But for women who do not have a boyfriend or a husband, this does not cause them any discomfort or concern, the only problem that she faces every day is that the people around her always ask her: are you married yet? When are you getting married? Are you not planning to get married? And not only that, he is even pointed out by his own family and friends.

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And is that, for many people the idea of ​​living alone is synonymous with unhappiness, sadness even bitterness, they do not conceive that this can be a correct decision. But what reasons lead a woman to act as if they are not alone?

1. To get a boyfriend

Often when you don’t have a boyfriend, nobody approaches you, but as soon as you start dating someone, suitors appear everywhere as if they were doing it on purpose. This is not a mere coincidence, it is a normal consequence. It turns out that when you do not go out with someone you hardly try, you do not fix yourself much, you do not paint yourself, you do not look happy, radiant, your look is usually sad, on the other hand, when you have a love at the door all this changes one hundred percent , you look more beautiful, interesting and you attract the opposite sex very easily if that is your goal.

2. To avoid being criticized

There are women who are in no hurry to have a love relationship or want to give themselves a space, so they resolve to be alone, and to avoid the pressure that society in general usually exerts they act as if they were walking with a person and therefore they dress up, have commitments with their friends, go to parties, are smiling most of the time, looking to have fun and take care of themselves.

3. To focus on themselves

The reasons may be diverse, one of them may be the end of a very intense relationship that lasted for years, for which it requires a good healing of body and soul and to achieve this there is nothing better than to mourn, and then start a process of self-healing, which does not turn out as expected if you have suitors at the door. It could also be to develop a project in which it requires your full attention, and with a real partner it could take a lot of work to do it for the time it takes to give.

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Many women who could be classified as more intelligent have the idea that it is not necessary to have a partner to be happy and if they try to sell the idea that they are with someone it is simply to please their idea and avoid problems, already who are convinced that happiness depends on themselves.

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