The 3 Golden Rules To Maintain Radiant Skin

Don’t waste money on expensive creams, because without these three habits in your life you will not achieve healthy skin.

Your face is your letter of introduction to the world. It is the first thing that others notice about you and why they identify you after meeting you. Because of that, it is very important that you keep the skin on your face healthy and glowing.

For many women, taking care of our skin becomes a dilemma when seeing so many products and care methods that are offered in the market, especially since we do not know which is the ideal one to cover the imperfections in our skin.

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And it is that skin care should not be complicated, but it should be a daily habit so that you can see long-term results. Do not waste money on miracle creams that promise to remove pimples or wrinkles in a short time, since they are only a temporary cure that does not treat the cause of the problem.

If you want to show off healthy, radiant skin, these are the three basic steps that, if performed diligently, are sure to give you better results than any other expensive and miraculous beauty regimen or product:

1. Take care from the inside

Many of the blemishes on your skin are the result of poor nutrition and stress. Pimples, blemishes and wrinkles can be a signal that your body is sending you to let you know that something is wrong. If you only take care of your skin from the outside, instead of taking care of it, you will only be fighting the symptoms that your body is presenting to you.

The health of your skin goes hand in hand with the inner health of your body. Here are some suggestions to make sure your skin stays healthy:

  • Drink enough water to stay hydrated

  • Eat brightly colored fruits and vegetables

  • Prefer foods high in antioxidants to regenerate your skin

  • Choose healthy fats like Omega 3 and Omega 6

  • Limit the consumption of refined sugar, as it causes wrinkles and premature aging

  • Take a skin supplement high in biotin and collagen

  • Exercise regularly to keep your body and skin healthy

By eating healthy and exercising, you can ensure that your inner health will begin to reflect on your skin in a short time.

2. Cleanse and exfoliate

During the day, our skin comes into contact with dirt, oils and toxins that must be removed with a specific cleanser for our skin. It is advisable to use a mild soap-free cleanser to cleanse your face. Also, as part of your cleansing, you can use, once or twice a week, an exfoliator that deeply removes dirt and dead skin.

Cleaning your skin twice a day – in the morning and at night – is recommended to keep your skin free of dirt, remove makeup and beauty product, and clean your pores. You can use your fingers or you can do it with a manual or electric brush for facial cleansing.

3. Moisturizes and moisturizes

The most important habit in the exterior care of your skin without a doubt, is that of moisturizing.

For the day, use a cream with sun protection suitable for your skin type. Apply immediately after washing your face when your skin is still slightly damp for further absorption. If you exercise during the day, remember to wipe sweat off your face and apply moisturizer again.

For the night, use a recommended nighttime moisturizer and apply after removing your makeup. Your skin has the ability to absorb more while you rest, so moisturizing at night is really important.

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These three habits are essential for taking care of your skin. Without them, there really is no magic product that will give you the glowing skin you want in the long run.

Implement these habits in your life and you will see how in a short time you will notice positive results in your skin, because your face will look radiant, expressive and will be alive.

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