The 3 Foundations Of A Happy Marriage

Divorces are becoming more common and couples are no longer struggling to save their marriage. Here are some ideas to make your marriage happy and last forever.

Someone said long ago very cynically: “The beginning of any relationship is always wonderful, but the end is always the same.” Of course, this is not the case: not every relationship ends, nor does love end in all. On the other hand, it is true that courtship is usually the realization of a perfect dream, especially when – after a reasonable time – you join your life with who you consider your ideal man: he is on your way to share existence until death. separate them. The courtship stage had the most perfect atmosphere for falling in love: details, attention, many phone calls, appointments and everything that made you feel that without him you could no longer be.

The problem is that we live in an age when we are educated to think that things should come quickly and effortlessly. And it is not like that: marriage implies establishing routines, acquiring individual and shared obligations and responsibilities, as well as a lot of effort and constant adaptation. Later, one must change priorities when the children arrive. If you do not make a constant effort or if you believe that everything will be easy, soon that fairy tale scenario can be transformed into an endless horror tale.

For some people, divorces are more and more common and it even becomes a continuous state, where you continually try again with another partner, then a breakup, another meeting, another break, etc. occurs. If you want to avoid this vicious circle, it is time to decide that you are going to make a constant effort to stay and improve your relationship, do a self-examination and evaluate your degree of responsibility in the conflict. Even if you evaluate yourself, you may have to make the necessary changes to save your relationship. For this I share the following tips:

1. Don’t forget to always be his girlfriend

Don’t let habit, routine, and work and home activities break the essence of your relationship. The first cause of infidelity is no longer demonstrating existing love; It is already easier to be moody, apathetic, indifferent, inattentive to details and demonstration of love from your partner. And the neglect of your personal appearance also influences; Obviously, with married activities, the time you dedicate will be less, but never forget that you yourself are your priority.

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2. Maintain good communication

There is no marriage that does not have disagreements, but you always seek to clarify situations. If you think that allowing time to talk and clarify things is the solution, I tell you that it is the least you should do. The distancing and the break are derived by poor or no communication. Taking for granted that over time situations and problems are assimilated can create a time bomb, accumulating negative feelings like in a pressure cooker and when it explodes, those ancient details that for one may already be forgotten and for the other will come to light. they are one more reason to fight. So the best solution is to speak in the moment, express what you think and what you feel, and solve together.

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3. Be flexible and adapt to new situations and people

Sharing life with your partner also implies adopting family, friends, co-workers and everyone around them; This is something pleasant when the company and coexistence with all of them are welcomed. Not doing so can create problems and distance with your partner, so be friendly and sociable always to live with new people.

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Have as a primary goal in your relationship that the love and trust that you professed when you were dating, remains and is reinforced day by day. With this, your marriage will be stable, lasting and, above all, happy for you and your partner.


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