The 10 Most Creative Ideas To Preserve Your Children’s Memories (don’t Even Imagine Them, But You’ll Want To Use Them)

They grow too fast, don’t let time pass without capturing every moment of your suckers with these SUPER original ideas. When they are grown they will thank you!

If you just became a mom, maybe you have many ideas to keep memories of each gesture or development of your baby. Perhaps you will take a picture of her every month, write her in a journal, and fill her little hands with paint to stamp her cuteness on paper. All those ideas are beautiful, but the ones that I am going to present you next will take your memories to another level!

And if you already have older children, start as soon as possible! In the future, these will be your most beloved treasures:

1. If writing a journal is not your thing, open an email

Create an email account with your child’s name where you can not only write letters, but also send photos, memories, affectionate messages, and so on. Make sure to keep the account active by logging in regularly. When your child is old enough, give her her account and give her the password so she can see everything you sent her.

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2. Photocopy your little hands

If you don’t want to play with paint that can end up all over your house, photocopy their little hands inside yours. Make sure to use a dark cloth that covers the open space of the scanner to protect their eyes from the light. It is safe and the results will amaze you.

3. Record only your voice and sounds

There is something very special in hearing nothing but the voice or laughter of your children. My mother took many photos of me as a child, but she also keeps a cassette in which she recorded me and my brothers having a conversation as children. No image brings back such deep childhood memories as hearing the sound of our voices without focusing on the other senses.

4. Keep the newspaper of the day you were born

It’s funny, but your child will love to know about the state of the world on the precise day or year in which they were born. Much is sure to change in the next 10 or 20 years and you can compare and feel unique.

5. Don’t throw away your favorite toys

Bring out your artistic side and turn that dinosaur that was no longer your favorite or that doll that was your favorite into something else that can have another use. Spray paint works wonders.

6. Become a reporter

Make a list of questions like what is your favorite food? or what do you like the most about yourself ?, and record yourself doing them every year. Even if she only answers with sounds or grimaces at first, you will love to see her answers change over time.

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7. Make an album of his “works of art”

If you can’t save every drawing, painting, or Mother’s Day project your child makes, photograph it and create a picture album of all the “works of art” your little one made.

8. On his first day of school, take a picture of him wearing the shirt he will graduate in 12 years later.

Estimate how big your child will be when they graduate from school, and make a shirt with their graduation year. Save the photo and the shirt, and you will see that it will not only look adorable. You can give it to her to wear twelve years later on her graduation day.

9. Ask all your teachers to write a dedication in their favorite book

Choose your child’s favorite childhood book and ask each of their school teachers to write something special about it. Do this from preschool through their senior year. Give it to them on their graduation day.

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10. Don’t forget to be in the photos!

If you have a lot of pictures of your babies but few that include you, start smiling more at the camera. When your children see photos of their childhood they will love to see themselves more with you than alone.

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