The 10 Games You Can’t Miss At Your Baby Shower

A compilation of the traditional games that will ensure the success of your baby shower.

A party without entertainment is not synonymous with fun. Games are what inject joy into any celebration and that is why they should not be missing at your baby shower.

When choosing the games that you will organize, take into account the ages and situations of the people who will accompany you, as everyone should have the opportunity to participate in them.

Although baby showers are not merely a Latin tradition, they have made their way among the most anticipated family events and customs have adapted to them, devising more and more fun games to share with the family.

I present the 10 essential games to ensure the success of any baby shower:

Measure the pregnant belly

Spools of thread, ribbon or toilet paper are distributed among the tables and the honoree is placed in the center of the venue. They all begin to cut a strip of material that they think can go around exactly the most prominent point of the belly of the celebrant. By tables they go on to measure their estimate. The one that hits exactly or the one with the closest measurement will be the winner.

The lottery

This time there is a lottery or bingo with things related to babies, the crib, the stroller, the bottle, the bib, etc., the letters are distributed to all the guests along with chips to put on them, someone is in charge of saying the elements that arise and whoever fills his card first wins.

Hanging baby clothes

A clothesline or rope is prepared that goes from one end of the event to the other with enough hooks to hang the clothes and clothes of the future baby. 3 volunteers are asked and they are asked to teach the expectant mother how to hang the clothes as quickly as possible. They are timed with a stopwatch and the fastest wins the prize.

The mystery bag

A plastic or cloth bag is filled with pieces of paper that involve different categories such as “give advice about breastfeeding,” “tell a joke,” “tell an anecdote about when you were a new mom,” and so on. This is a quiet activity that can be done while eating, it is passed to each table, each guest chooses a role and comments with the pregnant woman what has happened. There is no prize.

Changing the baby’s diaper

We need a doll to replace the baby and a diaper. We also ask for volunteers and we take the time it takes to change it. The winner is the one who marks the least time on the clock.

Cross legs prohibited

This game takes place throughout the party. Upon arrival they are given a badge (ribbon bow, foamy figure, clothes hanger, etc.) and it is explained that when they see someone crossing their legs or arms they can remove their badge and keep it. Whoever collects the most badges at the end of the party wins.

Baby Stuff Alphabet Soup

Each guest is given a sheet with a word search where 10 words associated with baby items are hidden. It is counted up to 3 so that they all start at the same time and the winner is the one who finds the words correctly first.

Hot baby potato

A circle is formed with several volunteers and a diaper or a doll is passed from hand to hand to the rhythm of the music. When it stops, the person holding the item has to leave. The last person left in the circle is the one who will have the prize.

How to say baby in different languages

Give a sheet to the guests with the word baby in different languages ​​and dialects in one column and the name of the languages ​​you used in the next. The person who matches the columns correctly is the winner.

Famous babies

Research the names of the children of famous people who are in fashion. In teams, ask them to match the baby’s photo or name with that of their celebrity parents. The winning team will be the one that does it correctly in the shortest time possible.

Remember to have some prizes prepared for the winners, this is to encourage participation. Regularly a chocolate or small gift is enough. Have fun at the party!

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