That Your Single Children Are Thinking About It, And You Haven’t Realized It

Young singles are avoiding motherhood and fatherhood. It is time that as a mother you help your children to see the importance and wonder of being parents.

The situation I am about to describe is increasingly common. In fact, your children may be thinking the same thing as more and more boys and girls their age. It is true that the social and world situation is becoming more complex and difficult every day. In fact, for many the outlook ahead is bleak. Despite that, many people contemplate the idea of ​​having a common and stable life: finishing university studies, having a good job or starting a business of their own, reaching some personal goals and dreams and — of course — having their own family. Despite this, more and more children do not contemplate having children in their future, perhaps if they marry and be happy, but having children is not in their plans.

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What can you do in this situation?

You may not be able to tell your children how to live their life. Furthermore, doing that is not respecting the idiosyncrasies of each human being and the right to choose their own destiny. However, you have several options that you can turn to to encourage loving and responsible parenthood in them that can show them a fuller and kinder face of life.

1. Speak confidently about your children’s goals and dreams

Many parents are taken by surprise by their children when they leave home in search of their dreams. It is not that it is bad or good: it is a stage in life. Therefore, as a mother it is good that you talk with your children about their expectations; your goals as a parent; what you expect from a spouse and a family so that you can guide them in the most appropriate and above all realistic way.

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2. Teach about motherhood or fatherhood by example

If there is a more complicated and beautiful task at the same time, it is that of being a mother or father. The fear of many young boys of being parents is to disappoint their children with marital or economic problems in the unstable work situation that we live in. As expected that is scary; Imagine not being able to give your children and partner what they deserve and need to live comfortably and that every day generates problems of all kinds with your partner.

For that you must guarantee and show your children that despite all those problems that sometimes are inevitable that arise, having a family is one of the most wonderful events that can happen to a human being, you must show them that as a mother you have I enjoyed watching them grow up, accompanying them to school and their many activities, and that each success, no matter how big or small, is always the best way for a child to show that you have done a great job.

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3. Offer him opportunities to advance financially

Nowadays it is not enough to give your children a professional career since, although it seems the simplest way to progress financially, sometimes it does not turn out that way. To do this, from a young age, offer your children the option of learning various “trades” such as cooking, gardening and housework, offering to babysit, volunteering in a nursing home or nursery to name a few. In addition, if it is in your hands, put them on vacation courses where they learn dance, theater, computers, mechanics, music, dressmaking, DIY, carpentry, or even offer to walk the neighbors’ dogs, that with the So that they have multiple tools so that in times of crisis they have mechanisms to hold on to and thus earn some money while the situation improves.

Finally, it is your duty as a mother to show your children that although adult life is not easy, it is not the monster that many have wanted to show them, it is difficult, yes, but that is the spice of life, and in fact Having a family of your own gives you a better perspective and a future that deserves to be lived and enjoyed in company, if that way you do not grow and become strong, then how?

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