Technology Will Help You Dress Well For Your Work

A review of three applications that will help you better match your clothes.

The subject of clothing is important when applying for or keeping a job. Even at family gatherings, it is sometimes necessary to swap out comfortable shorts and shirts for something more sophisticated.

Geez, when was I going to think about writing something like that. The truth is that since my adolescence the concept that “how they see you, they treat you” has irritated me, but the reality and after an exhaustive review, it is possible to maintain an “essence”, when wearing not necessarily shirts and baggy pants.

You grow and mature. At present, although I confess that I do not wear a suit every day, I have no problem understanding the moments in which a good formal shirt can be your best ally. One can have great friends and the truth is that to talk with them there is no difference if one is dressed in this or that way, but in the work world, who knows when to be casual, when formal, when semi formal, it can be – You know that, right? – very helpful.

So I want to share with you a series of applications (apps) that will help you better combine your clothes, believe me, if you are like me who knows exactly the same as nuclear physics in fashion, then surely this little manual will help you.

1. Cloth

The first is called Cloth. What is truly novel about this application is that when you open it, it scans the weather and tells you what to wear! So that you do not choose a heavy jacket and at 12 noon you are cooking or in the case of the ladies, do not wear the skirt with which the legs can end up worse than ice lolly during those weather changes.

2. ASAP54

We continue with ASAP54, a program in which, let’s say, you liked how a colleague dressed and if you managed to take a photo of them, at your discretion, that app can “explain” to you what fashion trend it is and in which stores it is easier for you to get them. garments. It also gives you suggestions to combine your clothes, a whole mini robot in power.

3. Wishi

Finally there is Wishi, which also works as a social network. You can make something they call a “virtual closet” with the clothes you have and there your contacts tell you if they will work for you or not. It also allows you to receive suggestions if you want to make a themed look, such as Christmas or Halloween. There is no doubt that those developers think of everything.

Finally, remember that the image you project is also related to what you want to achieve. If you are hoping to request a raise, the least you can do is spend a little time, money and effort presenting yourself in a new shirt, or flared shoes.

Clothing also supports personal relationships. If for a special occasion, be it a couple’s anniversary or aunt’s party, you make an effort and wear a little more formal clothes, the kind that you don’t normally use, that is a sign of respect and interest for the other person. . Sometimes a new tie or pants can save you a bad time.

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