Teacher Suffering From Cancer Receives Life-saving Gift

An act of kindness restored his hope of regaining his life.

I am one of the people who thinks that every human being who acts with love and kindness sooner or later receives his reward. The story that I will tell you next is the materialization of what I have said before.

Robert Goodman and the act of kindness that saved his life

Robert Goodman  is a professor from the United States who was diagnosed with colon cancer. Despite the fact that he was receiving his treatment, there came a time when his health insurance did not cover the 20 days that he needed to finish it.

Robert, very dejected by the situation, did not stay still. He took a picture and uploaded it to Facebook exposing what happened; that’s when something wonderful happened.

In just 4 days, Goodman received a large number of “sick days” from teachers and administrators at many schools in the United States to cover a semester. With this, he was able to continue his cancer treatments.

Compassion and kindness: branches of the same tree

I know that at times it seems that kindness and compassion have left the hearts of human beings; but from time to time life examples appear that make us have faith in humanity again.

People are not entirely bad or good; in all there is a certain degree of evil and goodness. Thus, you can be as good or as bad as you want, but as one day I read: “It all depends on the wolf you feed.”

It is very important that we educate our children in these two values: kindness and compassion, because a human being who lacks them is someone who does not have a happy future.

What is goodness?

It is a value that brings out the best in human beings, leading them to be compassionate, altruistic, benign, kind and affectionate.

What is compassion?

It is the result of kindness. It is a feeling that they drive us to do for other acts that may be insignificant for us; But for those who receive that favor, it may be all they need to improve their lives.

Compassion is free of interests because it does not pursue its own well-being, only the desire to serve and be useful to others.

How to teach your child to be compassionate?

Knowing that being compassionate flows directly from kindness, I will now highlight several ways you are teaching your children to be good human beings.

  • When you make him share some things with his friends, brothers and with you.
  • If you instill in him to be honest, loyal and sincere with him and with others.
  • When you make him realize that he must be grateful. Unfortunately today many people believe that being a beneficiary of favors is an obligation. Being grateful teaches your child that others often sacrifice for him and that deserves recognition.
  • If you are also a living example of kindness and compassion. This is important since your children observe and listen to you, they take you as an example and they will repeat everything you do.
  • When you make your child worry about those who do not live within their social circle. It is not about loading them with stress, but about showing them that outside their common habitat there are also people who suffer, who need and he can be a helping hand  in the most important moments for someone or a community.

I firmly believe that the happiest moments of all human beings become tangible when we are kind and compassionate; And even if you don’t want it, those are acts that sooner or later return.

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