Talking To Your Pets Makes You Smarter, According To Experts

For you who love to talk to your dog or have long conversations with your cat, science has good news.

Most of us like to have pets. The reasons that lead us to accommodate a companion animal in our lives depend on each human being; But there is something that is true, and it is that when we allow it, we see a part of ourselves that we did not know before.

I adore having pets; I grew up with pets and I think it is one of the most beautiful things that could have happened to me. Also, if you are an adult it is one of the best choices you can make, as they are an excellent company and they sincerely appreciate you.

I am not saying that a dog, a cat or a rabbit will replace a relative or a life partner; but they are good company when you don’t have the fortune to be around your loved ones for whatever reasons.

Human and animal relationship

It is to be recognized that human-animal relationships have changed a lot in recent times. There are sectors of society that see their pets as children and this is somewhat distorted and is even considered a type of animal abuse.

It is a fact that when you assume to have an animal in your life, it is your duty to give it a good living condition; But from that to dressing him, sitting him at the table, buying him pacifiers, and treating him like a son (in all respects) is trying to fill an emotional void in the wrong way.

They understand us

All of us who have pets talk to them. I have a rabbit, six dogs and fish, and believe me, I talk to all of them.

I talk to my dogs when I give them food, when I am going to leave for a while and I tell them that I will be back so they don’t make a fuss, and I sing to them (I seem crazy but they seem to like it). I talk to them even when I don’t realize it, and they make me understand in their own way that they understand that they are important to me, and they express to me that they take care of me.

I also talk to my fish so that they let themselves be taken out and not upset; and I talk to my rabbit so that he can let himself change, get out of the cage and allow me to apply the medicines and in his own way he makes me understand that he knows that what I do is for his good, (although he does not like it much).

Talking with your pets has nothing to do with abuse or violence; Rather, it is a way of sharing your human nature with them, and at the same time it helps you see that innocent, funny and a little childish side that every adult should have in their life to be more relaxed and happy.

Do you talk to your pet? You are very smart according to science

The research , carried out by Gary D. Sherman and Jonathan Haidt from the department of psychology at the University of Virginia, in the United States, it focused on the act not only of occasionally talking to your pet, but also of having a complete conversation with her to a point that you come to notice that your pet has traits and emotions very similar to yours.

It’s more Nicholas epley professor of behavioral sciences at the University of Chicago it literally says:Historically, anthropomorphism has been treated as a sign of childishness or stupidity, but in reality it is a natural by-product of the tendency that makes humans especially intelligent on this planet

What happens is that when your brain tries to assign human expressions and emotions to your pet, it makes it work hard to identify them; This implies that the person in question has a more developed socio-cognitive process.

How does your pet benefit?

Well, that it is believed that animals are stupid because they do not speak like us does not mean that in their own way they do not achieve an optimal level of communication with the humans with whom they live.

My rabbit in particular lets me know that it bothers him a lot that I apply the medicated cream to his skin, jumping up to release it and leave him alone. My dogs “call me” if I forget to give them their food at the time that I am used to, and they do it by barking something softly (different from their common bark).

Besides that, when I am sad or lonely, they always look for a way to nod my hands so I know that they are there accompanying me; That way I don’t feel so bad and little by little I get out of my low state of mind.

This interaction of emotions and animal / man “words” helps you to know that although you are not in the company of other human beings, you are not entirely alone because there is someone who waits, listens and loves unconditionally and the most important thing: is there for you and take care of each other.

Dogs and Relief from Stress and Depression

Different studies They concluded that having a dog as a companion animal helps reduce stress and depression levels.

The reason may seem so obvious and yet it goes unnoticed by many; a dog keeps you going. To give her a good quality of life, she forces you to pay attention to her, to take her out for a walk and to take her to do her business on the street.

Besides that, he has such contagious energy and innocence that reminds you that you are not alone, that he is there and he needs you as much as you need him. Also, as they say, “if there is someone who loves you more than himself, that is your dog.”

Whatever animal you choose to keep you company will make you a better person; That is why you are suspicious of someone who treats an animal badly, that does not speak well of that person and please try to give a home to a shelter dog or cat, he will always be grateful and he will love you unconditionally.

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