Survive Pregnancy With Another Child At Home

If you feel overwhelmed in your pregnancy with another little one at home this article will be of benefit to you. Survive the pregnancy with another child at home.

Pregnancy is challenging, even if it’s your first time. But this challenge is complicated when you get pregnant and you already have a little boy at home with all the energy in the world. I remember my first pregnancy with nostalgia, because even though I worked I could go to bed when I wanted, I would come home and I could relax. In short, all this sounds almost impossible when you have someone who requires one hundred percent of your attention, your energy and your love.

Are you feeling overwhelmed? You’re right to be, but I can guarantee that being pregnant doesn’t have to totally interfere with your routine for your other little one if you take the necessary steps and prepare for this moment. Read below some tips that will surely help you:

1. Crafts

When you don’t have energy for almost nothing, it is good to have several activities in which it is not necessary to be super active, and crafts are an excellent option. Gather the materials to be able to draw, paint, mold, cook and allow your child to make a mess with creativity and allowing you to share all that without feeling like you are short of breath.

2. Save your energy

The rule that says that when your child sleeps you must too does not stop applying just because he is older and not a newborn, so pay attention: when your child takes a nap, do it too! Take every opportunity to recharge. This is even more true during the first and last quarters, be honest with yourself and if you are tired this is not the time to clean up.

3. Eat well

If you want to have energy or at least the necessary to take care of your little one it is necessary that you eat well, a lot of protein to provide you with the calories you require. I promise you that when you do not eat – five small meals a day is the best option – your energy decreases, you do not feel well and you will not be able to take care of the child who wastes energy all day.

4. Use the television carefully

If you feel very bad, of course television is a good option to entertain your little one; However, it is best to seek activities that physically exhaust you – television does not – in order to ensure that you take a nap and sleep better at night; remember, if he sleeps well, so do you.

5. Physical affection

Children are sensitive to all the changes that are happening around them and, therefore, during the time when what you least want are tantrums, these more occur. A fairly efficient way to reduce them is to fill your child with physical affection: do not stop hugging, kissing, caressing his back, favor any way that helps him feel loved and special in the midst of the many changes that are happening and what will happen when the baby is born.

Even though being pregnant is not easy, I guarantee that following these tips will help you have a better pregnancy and at the same time enjoy the other angel that you already have in your life; It is not easy, but it can be easier if you prepare and take care of yourself.

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