Support Your Partner In His Work Without Losing His Mind

The work of your partner is not your competition, learn how to make it your ally in the following sentences. Support your partner in their work without losing your head.

Most women have a love-hate relationship with their partner’s work. On the one hand, it is excellent because it provides enough to cover needs and wants and plans; However, many times work does not stay at work, they come home and that is the part that is most difficult to cope with. Many times, work is not the blessing but the intruder in the relationship. You know: the other woman is not always another woman.

With all the confusion and mixed feelings about your job it’s hard to find a balance; However, we women have to find it, because if one thing is certain it is that the job is not going anywhere – and when it does we cannot wait to have it back – so we have to find a way to make it happen. Occupation does not become an obstacle in the relationship and, ultimately, not the reason why you fight constantly.

I list some ideas to support your partner in this regard even when it is difficult to do so:


A common thing is to ask how your day was, but not as a learned routine, but to really feel curious and want to know what you did during your day. Ask with the same interest with which you would like him to ask you about your day.

A sincere question

Many times – and more, if you have a perfectionist partner – the work they are doing can wait, but they want to advance to the next day, or “perfect” what has already been done. During these times you have to ask in all sincerity, “Is it absolutely essential that you do that right now, or can it wait until tomorrow?” Sometimes the answer will be that it is not necessary, but in others it is, and we must respect it because we are aware that a responsibility corresponds to all work. It is important that he is sincere in his response, and remind him that he must be if he expects you to respect what he is doing and that there are no problems.

Set limits

It is important to set limits on the days and hours that work is not allowed, such as dating, family time, vacations, etc. In the same way, it is important to remember that if there is an emergency there must be exceptions to this rule.


This is an important point, since what I wrote above is true: we hate work, but if it ever gets lost we pray that it will come back. All in all, give thanks not only for your partner’s job, but because every day he or she goes and exercises it with good spirit and disposition in order to provide for you and your whole family.

Your partner’s work does not have to be your enemy, there are ways to support him while exercising limits and always welcome gratitude, which in its entirety will help you not lose your mind and see his work as your competition.

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