Suffering: 5 Biblical Explanations About It

A person willing to learn the hardest lessons in life is one who will know how to make better decisions.

Waking up sometimes used to hurt a lot. It was not a physical pain, it hurt my soul and I wanted it to end. I was alone, without money, without work and far from my home, my family. Desperate because I couldn’t see beyond the darkness of the moment, I took refuge in the bible.

He needed answers and was tirelessly searching for them; I found them, but didn’t understand them at the time. Despite everything, a few days later my pain was relieved and I returned home and to my family; the only safe haven I ever had and will have.

However, I never stopped thinking about the reasons why I had suffered so much in recent times. I came to the conclusion that I, and only I, was solely responsible for my suffering at that time. I was responsible for my bad choices. The worst thing is that I could avoid it, but my stubbornness and pride did not allow me to see it. If I had heeded that feeling, that feeling of unease that invaded me a few days before leaving my country, I would have saved myself so much pain.

But as my mother says: “Losing by knowing is not losing.”  She’s right, I learned, and the hard way, to value what I had and was not aware of. Also, I became strong, brave, autonomous, independent; I knew a part of me that otherwise would not have come to light.

Now I know that it is not easy for someone to defeat or harm me, thanks to that painful experience, thanks to that suffering that I sought for myself.

What I learned from suffering and why I don’t blame God for it

He sufferingseems to be inevitable for all human beings. It does not discriminate against race, beliefs or socioeconomic status. If you are a human being, you are going to suffer, period, that seems like the rules of life say. The worst thing is that we blame God for that suffering, as if we were afraid to take responsibility for our choices.

Yes, cruel as it may seem, more than half of the pain we suffer is caused by ourselves even though we are unable to see it because of pride and stubbornness.

Blaming God for the suffering of the people around us, for disease, death, wars, poverty, hunger and so many evils that exist is not sensible. If you think about it, those things are caused by the decisions of people who believe they are doing their best, and later realize that they failed.

In the case of death, suffering because of it is fruitless, because it is inevitable and as natural as being born. However, people insist on seeing it as a curse because it alienates them from the beings they love.

If we reflect on the suffering – our own or others -, little by little we will realize that avoiding it, as well as promoting it and getting the best out of it at that moment,  is in our hands. When we are finally able to accept it, we will be able to have the strength to overcome that pain and not remain wallowing in it as if that were the solution.

Suffering according to the bible

Because of suffering and holding God responsible for it, many people have become unbelievers; even so the bible gives explanations about it, plausible or not, I leave it to your choice.

1 Prepares us for the difficulties of life

We all suffer in different ways, so we know firsthand what it feels like to be grieved because of the emotional or physical pain we may experience.

Biblical scriptures are not intended to detract from our pain; what they do seek is to give it a meaning that we can understand.

2 Corinthians 4: 8-9 He says:

that we are troubled in everything, but not distressed; in distress, but not desperate;

persecuted, but not abandoned; shot down, but not destroyed;

Words more or less, this writing explains that although we are going through a difficult stage in our lives, we must try to keep our eyes on a better future. All pain and suffering is temporary, and we must always be able to take advantage of it to advance our spiritual progress.

2 Allows us to become aware of his love for us

We suffer but we are not alone. For those of us who believe inGod,it is a great comfort to know that He is with us in the hardest moments of life; that is our greatest relief, our support and our strength to continue.

Despite this, we must also have an open mind to learn the lesson that we want to be taught; As soon as we learn it, we will stop suffering and we will not have to go through similar and painful experiences again.

3 Makes us aware of sin

We are all sinners. The mistakes of others hurt us and because of it we suffered the unspeakable. It is for this reason that many people get angry with God, because according to them He should avoid that pain . The big problem is that we are not innocent either, we have also damaged and hurt; So suffering is the consequence of our sinful acts, of our bad decisions and in this only we are responsible.

4 To strengthen ourselves as a community

I remember the 2017 earthquake in Mexico and I loved the way the communities reacted to such a devastating event.

Many people did not stay complaining or regretting what they lost; On the contrary, they joined forces and resources and used their strength and love for others to help those who needed it most at that moment. Yes, a whole town suffered a lot from a catastrophe, but Mexico once again demonstrated the strength of what its inhabitants are made of, and this is an example of how suffering unites a community in love.

5 Give the possibility that we teach by example and experience

Many things we learn from our parents, they learned from their own experience or from the things that happened to our ancestors.

Learn and be an exampleFor our relatives, even as far as suffering is due, it is good because it prevents others from making the same mistakes. That there are some who are not enough with the example; It is true, but when they go through that in their “own flesh” they will know that what they were told was not a lie, that will help them to transmit their knowledge as well.

Suffering is inevitable, but you can make life kinder if you only overcome, learn and move on by making better decisions, and trying to live a more dignified life.

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