Study Reveals Unusual Secret That Helps You Control Your Food Consumption And Lose Weight. You Can’t Imagine What It Is!

Do you want to stop overeating and lose a couple of pounds with a simple action? We tell you what it is and why they call it the “Crisp-Effect”.

You know, why is it normal to see so many overweight people nowadays? Probably because we eat poorly, eat too much, and eat distractedly. A joint study by Brigham Young University and Colorado State University in the United States found a perfect solution, and certainly a little unusual, to control the amount of food we eat. They call it the “Crunch-Effect” or “Crunch-Effect” in Spanish, and it is based simply on listening to the sounds you make at mealtime.

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What should you do?

The only thing you have to do is turn off your television, silence your cell phone and free yourself from any distractions when consuming your food. Instead, pay attention to the crunch, or the sounds your mouth makes when you chew your food. It may sound a bit comical, but read on and you’ll see how it does make sense!

How many times have you sat down to eat in front of the television, you are very aware of the news, and you end up finishing all your food without realizing it? Or you go to a social gathering, you eat snacks while chatting entertainingly and you don’t realize that you have 10 servings of French fries instead of 3. It makes sense to think that eating without paying attention can definitely lead us to overeat. The “Crisp-Effect”, according to its creators, has the ability to reduce the amount you consume because you pay your full attention to food and this reduces your consumption.

How to make this work better?

For the effect to work better, it is recommended that you eat if possible alone and in silence. The purpose is to be present and aware of your food, and focusing on the sounds you make while chewing helps you to achieve this. Crunchy foods were used in the study to make it easier for participants to hear while chewing their food, but it still makes sense to think that if you eat more crunchy foods, such as almonds, carrots, and cucumbers, which require more effort to chew, you can become satisfied more quickly.

Is incredible

The results of the study were extraordinary; participants who were distracted by headphones and loud music consumed an average of 4 crackers, compared to 2.75 crackers consumed by the group who ate silently. That means that if we rely on the results of this study, paying attention to your food has the ability to make you consume up to 30% less. Doesn’t sound bad for such a simple change.

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So you know, don’t eat in front of the TV. Don’t get distracted checking your phone at the table. Pay full attention to your food and focus on the moment. Notice the sounds your food makes being chewed. If someone asks you why you are so quiet, tell them that you are listening to yourself chew carrots and notice the face that makes. He may think you are something unusual, but if he notices that your diet really improves over time, he will probably also try the “Crisp-Effect.”

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