Study Reveals That Marrying A Pretty Man Interferes With A Woman’s Health And You Want To Know How!

Do you consider the man you married (or are you with) to be a “daddy”? Then this is for you…

Fortunately, there are men who stand out for their beauty, who hardly go unnoticed by the eyes of many women. They are physically attractive, with muscular bodies and very manly. Without a doubt, any woman would want to make a commitment.

However, an investigation from Florida State University, led by Tania Reynolds, Ph.D. in Psychology , found that women who are committed to a handsome, attractive and physically handsome man are more likely to have health problems. Especially when they are not attractive (they do not conform to the beauty canons established by society).

Which is the reason?

By having an attractive partner, the unconscious sends a message to the brain to the woman that she must be just as attractive to maintain their relationship. Sometimes women go on rigorous diets, obsessing over losing weight and exercising excessively to keep their bodies fit and strong.

The problem is..

The desire to stay slim and beautiful for your partner, leads to problems of low self-esteem, depression, anxiety, even health problems such as anorexia or bulimia. All of this affects emotional well-being.

The study determined that couples are more “stable”, when the woman is the most attractive, since there would be no risk for the man, in terms of health problems.

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Why can women have eating problems?

Surveys related to the idea of ​​maintaining a slim body were applied to 113 women committed to handsome men. Some responses included phrases such as “I feel extremely guilty after eating,” “I like my stomach to be empty,” and “I am terrified of gaining weight.”

The report specified that the behavior of women when interacting with handsome men increases the risk of developing eating disorders that can sometimes be fatal.

Not everything is lost!

Men can prevent the woman they love from falling into emotional and physical health problems. Reaffirming to them how beautiful they are, that their love goes beyond a sculptural body and that they have conquered them for being: “sweet”, “sincere”, “intelligent”, “affectionate”, etcetera.

Recommendations for women

1. Jealousy

The problem lies in the insecurity of having an attractive man, who is possibly a magnet for many women. However, that does not mean that he will be unfaithful. You must work on your security, confidence and self-esteem, remember that he is with you not because of your physique but because of the great person you are.

2. No competing

For your relationship to be successful and lasting, remember that there should be no competition as a couple. If your man has a statuesque body, either because he loves exercise or so it is genetically, learn to take advantage of your well-being, for example: eat healthy, exercise, but without obsessing over and falling into extremes.

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3. Become the envy of women

Value all the actions your partner performs. From a simple kiss in the morning, to holding your hand when leaving. Remember that it is not a trophy to show off, however, become aware of how your man cares for, protects and loves you. By doing so you will strengthen your confidence and self-confidence.

Eating disorders can lead to serious consequences such as death. Take care of your health and trust your relationship.

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