Study: 1 In 6 Men Has An Idyllic Crush On His Mother And Thinks More About Her Than About His Wife

Discover the details of this study and the other surprising findings. Are you married to one of them?

Maybe women who get jealous of their mothers-in-law have a great foundation. A quarter of the men admitted to having an idyllic crush on their mothers. According to the conclusions reached by this study, at least 15 percent of men spend more time thinking about their mothers than about their wives.

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The study that analyzed the behavior, reactions and responses of 1,500 married men or in a relationship, shed more light on one of the most taboo and controversial topics regarding the relationship with the couple and the relationship with the mother-in-law.

One-third want their wives to look like their mothers when they age

Strangely, a third of the male participants not only admitted to being idyllically in love with their mothers, but also expressed a wish that they would like their wives to age with a resemblance to their mothers.

More than half admitted that their mothers helped them choose their partner

More than half of them admitted that the relationship they had at the time the study was carried out had been approved or influenced by the opinion of their mothers.

Why do they do it?

Brand spokesperson Peter Hahn, who was commissioned to carry out this study, noted that “it is easy to pigeonhole older women, and it is also difficult for them to feel appreciated and understood. This is the role that mothers occupy.

If we put the quarrel aside at this point and begin to analyze the difference between the treatment of a mother and that of a wife, it is not so difficult to understand this dynamic.

The mother has been there all her life to please him, pamper him, spoil him and give him the likes. It is that woman who loves him unconditionally and who forgives him everything. Almost like the lyrics of Luis Miguel’s song, entitled La Inconditional. That is the kind of love that men receive from their mothers, a love without claims, an unconditional love.

On the other hand, when they got married they promised to make that woman happy, and that woman expects their unconditional love, but in return, the wife’s love is not always unlimited.

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Specialist recommendation

“Most women should constructively interpret this study and not try to compete with their mother,” explains the spokeswoman.

My grandmother once told me, “If you can’t beat it, join him,” nothing wiser than this. Sometimes we insist on fighting with someone or against someone, and we focus so much on winning that sometimes you don’t even remember why you were fighting and what you were trying to achieve.

Although there are mothers-in-law and mothers-in-law, as there are daughters-in-law and daughters-in-law; however, it would be good for us to analyze how we feel and focus on the love we have for our husband. After all, you and your mother-in-law share the same purpose: to love him.

Instead of fighting the current, let the current lead you. Don’t waste your energy on lost causes, and maybe you’ll win over a very good friend in your mother-in-law.

The study ends with the phrase of the author of the report that says: «What I do know is that my love …, before I got home, she already went through her mother’s …


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