Start This Week And Notice The Difference: The Bedtime Routine

If your children make war on you before going to sleep, it is time to make changes and this can help you. Start this week and notice the difference: the routine before bed.

All the parents I know wait patiently during the day for the long-awaited time for the little ones to go to sleep. And the long-awaited time comes, but then it results in stress, frustration and even yelling so that, finally, they are already in bed and hopefully not getting up. Believe me I understand this frustration, because at the end of the day we are more tired, with less patience and so susceptible to explode at the slightest provocation.

On the other hand, I also understand our little ones, since I remember when I was a child and wanted to stay up because it was much more fun and I wanted to spend more time with my parents. However, regardless of how we feel about it, bedtime is coming and it would be so much better if it were a little more pleasant.

One point that has helped me a lot as a mother with my two children is preparing them for bedtime: this is a transition like any other and requires that our children prepare to make the change from one activity to another: from playing to «es Time to go to sleep.” It is necessary that there is a routine before going to bed, since it helps the little ones to make this transition and, therefore, that the tantrums decrease. Here are some reasons and tips for doing this routine with little effort and great success:

The importance of doing it

1. Transitions

Young children have problems with transitions, if they are not notified of a change it is more than certain that a tantrum will appear. So we should give you ten or five minutes’ notice of the next activity, and the routine helps with that transition so that it is not abrupt, but gradual.

2. Routine

All children need a routine because they have little control over many things; a routine helps them feel more in control and confident that they know what to do next.

3. Relaxation

A routine helps you relax, it’s that simple and straightforward. The little activities that you do before going to sleep help your brain prepare for that moment and prepare the body.

Tips for your routine

1. The right time

As I mentioned before, it is important to let them know ahead of time that the routine will start in about ten to five minutes. For example, I tell my children – regardless of what they are doing – that they have five minutes left in that activity, which does not mean that they know well that it is five minutes, but they do get an idea that it will be soon the change; Then I let them know that they have a minute left, and by then they start to pick up their toys and so on; trust me, this makes a huge difference.

2. Activities

Plan a simple routine: read books, take a bath, sing songs, give a massage, etc., in which no more than half an hour is used. For example, we change to pajamas, read two or three books, brush our teeth, make a prayer and sing a song in bed, ready to sleep, and we do this daily, which brings me to the next point.

3. Constancy

It is essential that you do the same routine on a daily basis, you have to be constant or else it will not be routine and your children need it to be more or less the same every day for it to become an experience that gives them security.

Having a routine before the kids go to sleep doesn’t have to be complicated and the benefits are too many to list. I advise you to plan and start your routine before naps and before going to sleep at night; start this week and notice the difference. If you want more information about it, I invite you to read these articles:

With sleep hygiene, bedtime will be easier. If your child struggles to sleep, this article is for you.

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