Spring Cleaning: The Chance To Change The Air In Your Home

Spring has arrived and it is necessary to begin with a cleaning that helps to leave behind the heavy winter air. Do you know where to start? Here I will tell you.

Spring finally arrived in the southern cone. The change of climate little by little is being noticed. Gone are the bulky jackets, the different polar and wool articles, to make way for lighter and more comfortable clothing. But what do we do with everything that we will no longer use? The answer is popularly known as “deep spring cleaning.”

Here are some tips so that this change of season leaves your house sparkling, without having to die trying to keep everything in a small space:

1. Check your winter clothes

There are articles that are designed for several seasons, but surely some of them have already completed their cycle. It is best to take the time and start reviewing garment by garment what you will really save for the winter season. If there are things that you have only stopped using, but are in good condition, find out about a home to donate them or you can make a trinket at home.

2. Take a look at your medicine cabinet

If you went through a very harsh winter and more than someone got sick in your house, it’s time to check the expiration dates of everything that was left unused. If you have small children, please leave the medicines where they cannot reach them, as the ingestion of any of them can be fatal.

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3. Take advantage of washing all your thick clothes

Many clothes will spend months in storage, it is now when the sun gives us the opportunity to wash it and leave it with a good aroma to be stored in an optimal way.

4. Renew your plants

Many of your plants in the garden will die, as they are in season. It is time to leave a small part of your budget to give new life to your home, buying some cheap flowers, but no less beautiful for that.

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5. Change your curtains

In winter, many of us resort to thicker curtains, as it is necessary to be protected from the cold. Well, now is the opportunity to change your curtains for more cheerful and vibrant colors. Of course, before storing the ones you will be replacing, wash them to remove dust and mites that they may have.

6. Check your children’s toys

It is not surprising that some of them are without some pieces, broken or that are no longer to your liking, because as they grow their preferences change. So a good opportunity to get rid of them is spring cleaning.

7. Make a list

The idea is that each room in the house is clean, to facilitate the process it is a very good idea to make a list for each space, in this way you will ensure that nothing will be missing.

I hope that these tips will help you to renew the air in your home, without a doubt, after this annual “ritual” you will make everyone at home feel more comfortable, that your home becomes more welcoming and you will facilitate the daily life of all family members, because when things are in their place, even the days seem to last longer and the happiness of the home increases.

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