Sometimes Television Also Educates

A Mexican program called “All Inclusive Travel”, a television adventure with an educational message and high moral content.

Between my walk as a reporter, I have had the opportunity to come across hundreds of stories, all worth telling. Due to the needs of the place where I work, sometimes, luckily for me, support on specific issues that I know is required. Recently I was sent to the Once TV channel, an open television channel in Mexico, for the presentation of the second season of a program. Many of us complain that television only features “junk content,” but there are exceptions. Judging television like this, with a clean sweep, is like saying that because in a romantic relationship, “all women are equal” went wrong. Actually, you have to know how to search, patiently and always focused on what you want.

So I return to the program, it is called All Inclusive Travel . It is an adventure program in which a group of people with disabilities put their skills to the test and show that, to enjoy life, you just need to shed your prejudices and dare to do new things. The program is a lesson: sometimes we believe that the world ends when there is no money, or there is a situation that can be overcome without major problem.

Sometimes television also educates

All Inclusive Travel was born in 2012 under the production of Carlos Prieto. «It is a pleasure to present this program, it is an adventure broadcast that shows that anything is possible. Not only is the things they do surprising, it is also a lesson in adventure tourism by people who are willing to overcome everything that comes their way “, said Enriqueta Cabrera, director of Canal Once during the presentation.

The program is hosted by Joaquín Alva, a 35-year-old businessman who has not been prevented from succeeding by a wheelchair. Jocelyn Chávez, 26, who has a visual impairment and is an insurance agent, accompanies him. Both commented that they felt very proud to be part of this project, something that fills them with life. «The program aims to show great diversity. Regardless of whether you have a disability, you can enjoy a trip, diving, parachuting, climbing 300 stairs, there are always ways to experience the place ”, were Joaquín’s words.

It should be noted that it is not an exclusive extreme sports program, the production explained that great importance is attached to living together with the people of the places they visit, since the main message of the broadcast is inclusion. »We had to show with our other senses what we go through on a trip; We now include a person who does not have a disability and thus we made it even more universal. It is knowing Mexico through your senses. In this program we wanted to give a “plus” to complement all the people we have, we never wanted to do things that were not possible. The only equipment we carried was ourselves, apart from those who were filming. What the central theme of the program means is the attitude towards life: we can all have a disability, what happens after it? Well, enjoy life, ”Jocelyn emphasized.

I listened to them and I remembered that time when I hurt my foot and couldn’t walk for a week, I wanted to tear it off! Instead, these people said, “Come on then, go ahead.” The protagonists pointed out that they do not like to be considered as superheroes, since they are only people full of life and with the desire to move on. They like to travel, have experiences and share them. Before any physical test, professionals on the subject are always consulted regarding the ideal way in which each activity has to be performed.

It is a program suitable for the whole family, as it highlights values ​​such as motivation and teamwork. I leave you a chapter of the first season, with an invitation not to limit yourself, get rid of prejudices and go on an adventure.

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