Something Terrifying Happens To This Man On One Of Her Breasts; When The Doctors Discovered That The Reason Was In What He Ate They Issued An Alert

What he ate is something you eat too.

Sometimes it is difficult to imagine the implications that the food we eat has on the human body, but yes, everything we eat and does not affect our body, for a test I invite you to read the following story.

The upsocl site narrated the story of Xia Feng. He is a 19-year-old young man of Chinese nationality who some time ago began to notice that his right nipple was growing. For a time he ignored it; However, there came a time when his mammary gland grew so large that he could even wear an A cup bra.

It was at that time that he went to Zhejianga’ss Wenzhou Central Hospital where doctors were surprised to see his situation and decided to operate on him. They removed the bulge and proceeded to publicize what happened since they considered it VITAL for people to know what Xia had to go through.

What happened?

Xia experienced a hormonal change that caused her chest to grow. That change had its origins in the junk food I was consuming in excess.

But why did the junk food make one of her mammary glands grow?

You may have eaten hormone-disrupted “foods.” It is known that in some places chickens are vaccinated with hormones to accelerate their growth in a dizzying way and that may have influenced what happened to them.

We know that hormones are what make many of the functions of our body are fulfilled, so acts such as sleeping, being hungry, being alert, feeling anguish, stress, anxiety among others are linked to optimal function or hormone deficiency produced by our body.

So, although it seems very absurd, the amount and type of junk food that Xia consumed throughout her life may have been what caused her left breast to grow in that way.

A study

The home exercises page shares the following information regarding a study conducted by a group of researchers. This was done with the help of 6 obese men. The intention was to see the repercussions that junk food had on their bodies.

What they did was provide what they called a “standard breakfast” at 8:00 AM each, then gave them 1 of the next 3 meals at noon.

The 3 meals included:

1 a burger, fries and corn beer.

2 Organic meat prepared with organic components and a beer without alcohol (contains sucrose).

3 A turkey and granola sandwich made with organic food and an organic orange juice.

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After the study subjects consumed the food, they proceeded to measure the levels of glucose, insulin, free fatty acids, ghrelin, leptin, triglycerides, LDL-cholesterol and HDL-cholesterol with an interval of 30 minutes for a total of 6 hours. Cortisol level in saliva was measured after lunch.

Thus they managed to obtain the following results:

Total fat, protein, and energy were similar across the 3 meals, but the fatty acid content was different.

Junk food had more myristic (saturated fatty acid present in animal and vegetable fats) (C14: 0), palmitic (C16: 0), stearic (C18: 0), and trans fatty acids (C18: 1) than 2 other meals (organic ones).

With these results, it is natural to draw the conclusion that the influence of junk food on our body is fatal if it is consumed daily and without control.

What are the health risks of eating junk food?

As reported by the weekly magazine site, it can cause the following health damages:

  • It can increase the risk of developing heart disease, this is due to the excessive contribution of saturated and trans fats. These increase “bad” cholesterol and lower “good” cholesterol in addition to the increase in triglycerides.

  • Increases the risk of hypertension, this due to excess sodium.

  • It increases the risk of suffering from Type II Diabetes and resistance to Insulin, as it contains excess sugars and its fiber intake is low.

  • They make the person overweight and become obese, which is due to excess calories, fat, carbohydrates or flours and sugars.

  • The person who usually consumes them will have nutritional deficiencies since their nutritional contributions are almost zero in fiber, vitamins, minerals and healthy fats.

What foods would make the “junk food” list?

The ecosfera page shares 10 products that they consider junk and are usually the ones that generate the most addiction in consumers, here they are:




Ice cream

French fries


Soda or carbonated soft drinks



Chips (bagged products)

In the same way, they maintain that they are products with an incredibly high amount of saturated fat and sugar, which tend to increase in the body.

It is not that it is bad to eat any of the above mentioned products from time to time, the invitation is to control the amount and frequency with which they are consumed per week.

Remember that your children learn good habits from you, including eating habits and these (if they are not taken care of) have fatal consequences for their body, even if they do not grow a breast like Xia.

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