Some Cosmetic Products Are Not As Wonderful As You Think, Find Out Why

Putting on makeup is a way to look beautiful … but also atrocious to damage your body. Find out why here

With this article I do not intend to tell you the way you should look or fix yourself, only you know well what suits you or does not suit you so well, what I want is to inform you about the risks you take when you start using makeup constantly and exaggerated.

Some women enter the world of makeup and cosmetic products from an early age. That is why when starting so young, the skin begins to age sooner than it should, thus losing health and freshness.

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I will tell you a little about myself.

I remember that my first lip gloss and nail polish – as a toy, by the way – was given to me by my mother scolding her teeth at 14 years old; otherwise she always gave me the containers with little powder-based product, mascara and little else so that I could “put on makeup.”

My mother in her wisdom, transmitted by my grandmother, who had porcelain skin, did not buy me anything at all, because according to what she told me, starting to wear makeup as soon as possible all I would do is age my skin before my time. I must admit that he was quite right about that.

An interesting investigation

A study conducted at the University of California at Berkeley, indicated that stopping using some cosmetic products in your personal care routine helps to drastically decrease the levels of some chemicals that alter your body’s hormones.

Stacks! I am not suggesting that you stop using deodorant, shampoo or makeup, what I am saying is that you be careful with the products you use.

To reach these conclusions, the researchers gave 100 teenagers cosmetic products that claimed to be free of certain chemicals such as phthalic acid, parabens, triclosan and oxybenzone. They were given to them because due to their age (14 to 19 years) they are the prototype of women who use makeup the most.

The chemicals named in the previous paragraph are very common in products such as soaps, shampoo, conditioner, sunscreen, among others. Some studies have shown that these interfere directly with the endocrine system affecting some bodily functions.

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And the result of the experiment?

The young women after 3 days of examinations underwent urine tests, these medical tests indicated that the levels of chemicals in the body had decreased markedly. Parabens (used as a cosmetic preservative) fell 45%. Diethyl phthalate metabolites (used in perfumes) 27% and triclosan 36%.

So what is the solution for the body to rid itself of chemicals?

  1. You could start by using more natural products, which are NOT tested on animals for example.

  2. You can make your own products such as shampoo or natural soap. On the internet you can find valuable information about it.

  3. If you can afford, perhaps you could resort to buying the most expensive products on the market, but before doing so, inquire about how and what they are made with.

  4. Use less makeup to allow skin to cleanse itself and breathe. This needs to be the case as the pores need to breathe and the skin needs a bit of sun every day.

  5. Set a good example for your daughters, instill in them the proper consumption of fruits, vegetables and water to keep their skin healthy and hydrated.

Never forget that your skin is the largest organ of your body, therefore it is delicate and requires special care, however, you must try to maintain a healthy balance between your appearance and your way of being, I assure you that both aspects are well balanced They will make you a beautiful woman inside and out without the need for so much makeup.

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