Solving Problems As A Couple, Strengthens Love

“Dirty clothes are washed at home”, goes a very wise popular saying. I invite you to see how there are also issues that should be played only as a couple.

In the world we live in, we communicate more and more thanks to social networks and less and less engage in a face-to-face conversation. There are, however, certain topics that it is absolutely necessary to reserve them to talk live and in an intimate moment with our partner, since they affect our entire family; a territory that no one better than you can know; and because it is necessary for both to agree when making crucial decisions, in order to continue advancing in the goals that they have proposed to achieve in the long, medium or short term.

For this reason, I share a quick list of topics that you should always talk about with your partner and with no one else; after all, it is you who know what direction you want your lives to take and others, far from helping with your opinion, can confuse and even cloud your projects or wishes:

  • How many children to have, and when. Many people have the bad habit of asking some couples when they will have children, how many and even in which university they will study. The important thing is that you know that this decision corresponds solely to you, because no one knows your hearts better and if you are ready to find one more member for the family.
  • Money problems. It is not the job of either the husband or the wife to have to keep all the household accounts, it is a task that must be shared. Sit down each time you have to make a monthly budget and decide together how much to save and how; how much and what to spend.
  • What things are allowed or not during sex. It is not necessary to turn to friends or friends if you are totally inexperienced in sex as a couple, it is better to talk together and see how they feel comfortable with each other. If you have to turn to someone who is a therapist and not someone else, remember that the professional will always keep the doubts and concerns of both secret, and will seek the middle ground so that they can feel complete.
  • Family matters. Always talk about the events that occur within your family, the problems of the children, your own difficulties, and so on. If they make decisions as a team they will feel strengthened and will achieve greater complicity.
  • Health problems. Always let your partner know if there is a health problem affecting you, in this way you will give him the possibility of accompanying you to the doctor and living the process together. Remember that leaning into the good times and bad is a promise they made when they got married; Therefore, in the face of these difficulties, it is time to put it into practice.
  • Important labor decisions. Sometimes life presents us with opportunities in the work world that are truly incredible and unrepeatable, but many of them entail great changes, whether we have to change city, country or travel frequently to other areas and stop seeing family for several days. These decisions can only be discussed among you, since you must weigh the economic and all the consequences that these changes will produce at the family level.
  • Children’s school changes. No one better than you, as a married couple, can know what kind of education you want for your children; Therefore, every time that children, for different reasons, must be changed schools, it is important that they look for one together, that they both like and where a training with values ​​similar to those that you have proposed to deliver at home is imparted .
  • Couple problems are fixed as a couple. It is normal that when we have a problem with our partner, we look for a friend or go to a relative to seek refuge and tell our sorrows; however, it is best to solve it with your partner. The problem involves both of you and sooner or later the solution will come, and your anger will pass, but others will not forget what you have told them and your partner will look bad in the eyes of others.

Remember that making time to spend as a couple is absolutely necessary to have a happy marriage; So if your day has been full of strenuous activities, take a few minutes before going to sleep, and even with the light off, to talk about how your day was or plan a date in a neutral place where you can both feel comfortable. in order to talk about what is happening.

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