Social Media May Be Better For Your Teenager Than You Thought

One of the issues that most attracts the attention of parents and teachers is the excessive use of cell phones in adolescents. Although some claim that the excessive use of social networks can affect the mental health of young people, in terms of depression, anxiety, sleep problems, insecurity or lack of social skills, much research differs, so use them it’s not as bad as it sounds.

The pros of using the networks in adolescence

Before questioning your child and punishing him by forbidding the use of his cell phone, you should know the advantages that social networks have for his training, learning and knowledge, as well as in the formation of his self-esteem, for example:

  1. Are more vulnerable to the needs of others

Social networks can be exploited to help society. Today, there are a large number of pages, groups, associations and foundations, which are dedicated to motivating through participation to solve social problems, such as: foundations to donate, find missing persons, help animals, improve the environment among others.

Adolescents by using social networks become more empathetic, exploring the values ‚Äč‚Äčthat they constantly learn at home, even encouraging their imagination, creativity and reflective logical thinking, when thinking about possible solutions to resolve conflicts. They are also warriors by defending the causes of the issues that really interest them.

        2. Explore and discover new skills

Adolescents are very skilled using social networks, most often publish any skill or talent, such as: painting, drawing, photographs, making videos or animations, even playing some type of musical instrument or singing. What causes them to strengthen their self-esteem, security and confidence, they even become more outgoing and will learn to control their emotions, by not being afraid of criticism and finding a motivation to experience new things.

  1. Express yourself to encourage others

The vast majority of my students have created a blog, where they usually write inspiring topics to help others, they even tend to debate and expose their different points of view in relation to a topic of interest, so they will find in a more reflective and critical way the different perspectives and ideologies, it will also help them understand that there are many different ways of looking at reality.

    4. They make more friends

The advantage of social networks is that you can meet many people from different parts of the world, increasing learning in languages, culture and customs. Fortunately, by registering, personal information is published, which will lead you to find interesting people who share the same tastes and hobbies. Remember that virtual friends are as real as those close to us, they can share experiences, support, give advice despite the distance.

    5. They forget about problems

In social networks, memes, funny posts, entertaining videos are also shared, they can even play online, which will help your children to be in a good mood, cheerful and happy, distracting their mind from everyday problems. Remember that it is an effective way to relax and forget about your worries for a while.

Is social media good for all teens?

According to Harold S. Koplewicz, from the Child Mind Institute, affirms that resilient adolescents are not affected on their emotional and social level, since it helps them to form friendships and learn skills, including expressing themselves. Remember, it is not necessary for you as a mother or father to be an expert in social networks to understand them, so you do want your child to have good guidance, support and communication with you, set limits and get involved in their tastes, hobbies and interests. Share quality moments with your family and enjoy social networks!




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