So That The Marriage Is Not Shipwrecked, You Must Row With Your Partner

Marriage is a bit like a paradise beach in the Caribbean Sea, many times it will be peaceful and comforting, but other times problems and difficulties will invest like the strong waves of the deep sea.

You and your wife have gone on a trip to an island in the Caribbean Sea. One afternoon they decide to go rowing and they go a bit away from the beach. The night begins to fall and suddenly the waves rise in level and crash sharply against the canoe, you sense that something is not right and it is time to return. While you struggle unsuccessfully to row in the middle of the rough surf, your wife takes the other paddle and tries to row, but they don’t keep up, each one does it in a different direction and at different times, the canoe begins to turn in circles, they cannot! get out of there!. Exhausted, your wife throws the paddle aside while distraught and confused, she thinks there is no way out. You keep rowing, you don’t give up. Night inevitably falls and the sea has become increasingly aggressive. Your anguish is turning into frustration, you know that if she doesn’t help you, they will die! So from the depths of your heart a cry is torn: “I need you to row with me or we will sink!”

Marriage is like that, the commitment to bring it up is the two of them. Neither can lower his arms and leave the other alone in the middle of a fight that will ultimately be fruitless.

They need each other throughout this journey

Marriage is a bit like a paradisiacal beach in the Caribbean Sea, many times it will be peaceful and comforting, but other times problems and difficulties will invest like the strong waves of the deep sea. The two of you must walk this journey hand in hand and aware of the commitment.

Parenting, housework, communication, decision-making, conflict resolution, expressions of affection, difficulties. All, absolutely all aspects and dimensions that comprise marriage need the disposition of both.

Conflicts appear very early in a marriage where one of the two does not assume his new role responsibly. Many marry without considering all that marriage entails. Once faced with everyday situations, they evade them and then problems arise with the other member of the couple, who ends up assuming what the other does not do.

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Many people silently endure the lack of reciprocity in their dedication and dedication, they become the support of the marriage, they fight and wear themselves out for both of them. However, deep in your heart lies resentment, frustration, or loneliness. The responsibilities of the home must be shared. This is the breaking point of many marriages, the lack of synchronization, the lack of accompaniment. When the giver tires of giving, many marriages are shipwrecked.

What route should I take?

The dissolution of the marriage? Perhaps that is the short exit and perhaps the one that requires the least effort. But this is without a doubt the route that has the greatest emotional costs, everyone loses!, Husbands and children. Then maybe you ask yourself, before a person who does not want to continue, what can I do? Or maybe he does want to continue, but without assuming the cost and responsibility that it implies, should I then, perhaps, resign myself? These questions are difficult to answer and only you can do. The objective of this note is to make a call, to invite reflection on the meaning of marriage and on the commitment that it implies.

When the two go to the front in the marriage, there are many routes and outlets that can find their bumps and difficulties: attend a couples therapy, change a bad habit, give up behaviors that drive them away, reinvent themselves as a couple, overcome monotony, etc. In short, everything is possible if the commitment is mutual. This is not a simple vacation trip, where you can change the route halfway or say, “I’m boarding, but I want to get off!” Here we talk about children and shared dreams.

If your marriage is about to sink because you are confused, tired, exhausted, pray to Almighty God for strength and wisdom. Take the oar and together with your husband or your wife avoid the shipwreck and never forget your promises in front of the altar.

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