Small Details, Big Results

No action, however small, is wasted. When we do small acts of kindness to each other, the results are an increase in love and goodwill between our family members.

A woman recounted her experience during her father-in-law’s funeral. As she greeted and attended to the people who had come to offer their condolences to the family, she noticed that one of her grandchildren was sitting next to her great-grandmother, now a widow, caressing her hands, hugging her and showing her affection. This woman felt joy in her heart as she saw her grandson, just ten years old, forging an unbreakable bond with his great-grandmother through small actions. Upon returning home, she wrote the boy a note thanking her for the beautiful gesture she had shown simply by being with her great-grandmother at the funeral. The grandson, grateful for the note, responded by saying that he had done it willingly, and that this small action had made him feel happy and very satisfied.

All our actions count

. Although we may not think about it, everything we do has an effect on ourselves and those around us. This child felt in his heart the desire to accompany his great-grandmother. His little action had at least three results: He himself felt happy, his great-grandmother felt loved and accompanied, and his grandmother felt proud and happy to see his good deed. Likewise, our small actions on behalf of our family members result in more love and understanding between us.

Express gratitude for good deeds

The grandmother in this story may have been satisfied by what she saw in her grandson. However, she took a step that yielded yet another result: She wrote a note of gratitude and in return, received a reply of gratitude. If we could remember some of the most satisfying moments in life, we would realize that many of these memories are of people who at one point felt supported, loved, accepted or forgiven by us, and who took time to express your gratitude. With good reason our parents and grandparents taught us that “thank you” is one of the magic words that opens many doors in life (including the doors of many hearts).

Let us be messengers of goodwill

. Every family needs a great deal of kindness, love and understanding among its members; However, many times, the most difficult thing is to be kind, loving and understanding with our own family members. There is a song that reminds us that “we fight because we are so close to each other” and that there are times when we “hurt those we need most.” We all find it easy to show our best sides to other people, but at home we lower our guard and our darker sides come out. That is why in our family, which is the laboratory of life, we must try to be the bearers of the message of peace and goodwill among ourselves.

When our children see us being nice all the time, that’s what they associate with “normal” behavior. We can tell our children, “In our family, we treat each other with love, courtesy, and respect,” and then we show them by our actions that this is our way of life. I’m sure the woman who told the story I shared at the beginning is not a perfect woman. I’m also sure that she instilled in her children the love and respect for their grandparents and great-grandparents, and years later, she enjoyed seeing their teachings passed from her hands to her children, and from her children to her grandchildren.

Don’t lose hope if your family life isn’t perfect. I share a secret with you: No family is, but, nevertheless, we can begin to strive to be so from today. You in your home and I in mine, to practice more love and distribute a greater amount of goodwill among us. It’s something worth doing, one little action after another. I firmly believe that if we remember the three points mentioned above, we will begin to “abound in good works” ( Acts 9:36 ) within the walls of our home and, frankly, what better contribution to the world than a solid family where everyone feels confident. and safe, loved and protected at all times. How to start giving and receiving love ? I propose something small: It can be as simple as leaving a note on your child’s pillow where you tell him that you love him and appreciate the privilege of being his mother, or include a small letter with the snack that you send him to school. I would love to hear your experiences and the result of this little action (you can leave a comment at the bottom of the article). If you liked the result, go ahead with other simple ways to show your love for your family. And of course, if you did not receive the reaction you expected, do not give up … Keep showing your love in small things, because something we learn throughout life is that “from small things come great.”

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