She Wanted To Cradle Her Son One More Time Before He Dies, But Things Take A Totally Unexpected Turn

“When the doctors told us that he was likely to be stillborn, I understood, even though there was something about me that made me cling to hope.”

Renner is the third child of a marriage united by love and Faith. The joy of the imminent arrival of another baby to the family was overshadowed when, in an ultrasound they discovered that there was discouraging news: a disease that would possibly make the child born lifeless. But the doctors did not have the last word.

According to the NY Daily News site, Karen and Brian Wollman felt their hearts squeeze when doctors told them that the child who was on the way, in addition to having Down syndrome, had a congenital disease called dropsy, which made his body fill with fluids. Doctors told them that the baby probably would not survive the birth. But her mother did not give up before such a black panorama.

“When the doctors told us that he was likely to be born still, I understood, even though there was something about me that made me cling to hope,” said Karen. And she was not wrong, time would show her.

A fatal prognosis

Renner would be born dead or, if he managed to be born alive, he would survive for a few days. The diagnosis was hydrops fetalis. According to the Medline Plus site, it is a serious condition, which occurs when abnormal amounts of fluid accumulate in two or more areas of the body of a fetus or newborn. Hydrops fetalis often causes the baby to die shortly before or after delivery. The risk is highest for babies born very premature, or who are sick at birth.

But both Renner and his mother joined forces and when he was delivered into Karen’s arms, after a cesarean section, at 35 weeks gestation, he was still breathing and she knew that he would not lower his arms. Doctors were skeptical about the boy’s survival, as his small kidneys had begun to fail and his body was getting worse as days went by. Then they asked his mother if she had one last wish to fulfill before seeing her son die.

One last wish before leaving

Karen thought that what would make her most happy was to cradle him in her arms, in the rocking chair that was waiting for them at home. So it was that, patiently, they brought the chair to the hospital and the baby was placed in their arms to be cradled by her mother, perhaps for the last time

But the miracle happened

“I sat down and held him in my arms that day for four hours, and little by little, from then on, he started to get better ,” Karen told the NY Daily News. Thus, miraculously, Renner improved day by day, and at 6 months old and to the amazement of the entire team of doctors, he returned home to enjoy his family.

“He is my hero,” Karen said. “I never would have wanted her to endure everything that happened, but I am still grateful, because she has given me a whole new perspective on life.” For this family, without a doubt, each heartbeat of their son is a heartbeat of gratitude towards heaven and life itself.

Provide hope when all seems lost

The Wollman family tries to make their story known through their Facebook profile, as it is a message of hope for those who may be going through a similar situation.

They told him that he would be born dead. They told him that he would not live for many days. They told him to prepare for the worst. But today, Renner is about to turn 5 years old, and the miracle is part of his daily life, because the miracle blooms in each awakening.

It is true that doctors know, they have studied for it; but God has the last word. Never lower your arms when all seems lost. When you least expect it, the miracle can happen.


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