She Thought It Was A Normal Day Until She Decides To Give Her 18-month-old Son A Bath And Discovers That Something Terrible Had Happened To Him

“I tried to lift his shirt but it was stuck, when I saw the marks that had been left my heart stopped.”

One of the worst nightmares of any mother is not being able to protect our children for anything bad happens to them.

With the busyness of life and the demands that the modern world places on women, sadly, many of us must go out to work, forced to find someone to take care of our children while we are not around.

When you leave your children in the care of someone, you think you are leaving them in good hands

Markus Jannica Holmberg, left his young son in his nursery in the Swedish city called Mamo.

According to what she recounted in a post on her Facebook wall, when she went to pick up the little boy, everything seemed “normal.” All the staff she came across greeted her very kindly without anyone communicating that something bad had happened to her son.

He never imagined that his little one had been the victim of a nightmare that day, under the care of the people who were supposed to protect him.

A viral post

Jannica decided to share her experience to alert other parents. She recounted what happened while sitting in the ER with her son.

“Hey, I just want to write a little bit now that I’m sitting in the ER waiting for the doctor to check on my son some more. Today I went to pick up my son at kindergarten and as usual her teacher greeted me as I went out with my son. Everyone greeted me, the three teachers I met greeted me ».

“Nothing weird. A normal day”.

“After our son had dinner, it was time for him to take his bath, and I just want to say that this was the worst bath I’ve ever taken in my life.”

«First, I couldn’t take off his shirt, it was kind of stuck. As soon as I began to gently lift her my heart began to cry. There were at least 15 nibble marks and half of these marks had caused cuts.

“The boy who had bitten our son had done so so badly that three of the marks were serious injuries.”

Hej, jag vill bara skriva av mig lite nu när vi sitter på akuten or väntar på läkaren för vidare koll. Fick rum direkt !! …

Posted by Markus Jannica Holmberg on  Tuesday, August 29, 2017

A nightmare with a background

The mother explains that a week before the incident, her son had fallen in the same nursery and after not receiving the necessary care in time, he also ended up in the hospital with surgery on his teeth.

“Nobody said anything to me, just by seeing my son’s eyes in panic, my heart stops,” he continues in the midst of pain, helplessness and indignation.

She cannot understand how no one stopped the boy who bit her son at least 15 times.

Although her post does not explain what happened next or if the bites were actually caused by another child, her experience prompted thousands of parents around the world to share their experience as a way to alert other parents.

Being a mother, wife and responsible for the household finances, while trying to be happy

As a mother of two daughters, a wife, and partially responsible for the finances of my home, it doesn’t take much for me to step into her shoes and share the emotions she experienced seeing her son being abused and not protected as she believed he was being.

When we can’t do everything at once, it’s time to analyze priorities and see what we can put aside to spend more time with our family.

Without a doubt, the family is the most important thing that a human being manages to have in life. There is no title or fortune in the world that compares to the love that is given and received in the family unit. Knowing this, we should not feel guilty when we must perhaps decide to work only part time, earn less money, but be in the care of a mother’s greatest treasure, her children.

As the daughter of single mothers (my dad disappeared when I was 4 years old), I witnessed the great sacrifices my mom had to make to raise me, provide for my needs and also have time for myself.

There were times when we didn’t have any money, just the bare minimum to survive, but she was there with her love and protection, something that no money in the world can buy.

When they ask me if I would change something about my childhood, my answer is no. I had a mother who knew how to sacrifice the things necessary to meet the most important goal.

If you feel like you can’t do everything, stop, analyze and think about what is most important. I assure you that your children will not remember in the future how much brand-name clothes you bought for them … they will only remember how much time you spent nurturing them with the most coveted thing in the world: your motherly love.

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