She Struggled To Finish Her Studies. Now He Shares 5 Lessons That Will Change Your Life.

If you are going through difficulties in your life, apply these 5 rules and prepare to be happy.

It is well known that life is not easy, much less simple. If you are entering adulthood or have children about to reach this stage, or who are between 20 and 30 years old and you complain that you have suffered or passed many tests; or if you are the type of person who usually says that if God existed he would not allow so much suffering, I have news for you: you are blaming at least indicated. Some things happen because we look for them and get ready, because life is not supposed to be a series of pleasant events or an eternal vacation in paradise, and if you expect it to be so, better read this article and see what lies ahead:

At 18 I had already had to go through some difficulties in my life: my parents had separated, the economic situation at home was difficult, I did not feel good about myself at all and I was frustrated with the career I was studying; however, he still had a “sweet and quiet” concept of life. Coming of age (18, in Colombia) was like buying an entrance ticket to the castle of terror with the roller coaster included, literally; it was as if I took off a kind of sunglasses that prevented me from seeing life in all its range of colors. But thank God I had my mother close by!

Starting each semester of the career I had chosen was a drama that I began to fear. Money was never enough and I had to do a thousand feats to get credit in college. Most of my colleagues were “well-off” people, or so they pretended, they liked to humiliate those of us who didn’t have much in our pockets. Even so, there were many of us in the same situation and in high school I had gone through what is now known as bullying , by classmates and teachers; so he knew what the secret was to deal with such situations, it was just a matter of attitude; Anyway, finishing the race was a kind of adventure that made me cry and laugh intermittently.

Going out to work life and the rest of my days so far have been another journey full of giant mountains to climb. I know that many will identify with me in many aspects that I have described, but the central point of this is that no matter how much you are prepared for the difficult situations that arise in life, you will never finish being trained, because everything can change to around the corner and knowing how to emerge victorious, after each battle, has some secrets that I have managed to discover and apply, and today I want to share them with you:

  1. Assuming life situations is a matter of attitude. Remember this: your own path through existence has given you the tools to be strong, and it is appropriate to turn to them to use them in difficult times. Each fall, stumble or failure has left you a scar and at the same time a lesson, and if you have learned the lesson well, surely you will not trip over the same stone again.
  2. When we fail to assimilate a lesson the first time, we will have to relive a similar experience until we have learned it. This is how this “business” works, either you learn the lesson or you are going to take the same exam until you have learned it.
  3. You won’t always have to suffer when learning a life lesson. Believe me, many things that I have learned and that have helped me overcome some obstacles I have assimilated because I have seen other people suffer. In Colombia, grandparents often say “learn through someone else’s skin”; that has saved me from many sadness.
  4. Neither God, nor your parents, your neighbors or your partner are to blame for the bad thing that happens to you. If you go through some unbearable things and don’t know what the reason is, do an examination of conscience and ask yourself “Have I done something that has resulted in what I am suffering?” You will give the answer yourself; Furthermore, it is for adults to take responsibility for the consequences of our decisions.
  5. No suffering is forever. Did you already know that? If before I have stated that life is not a trip to a vacation in paradise, it is not about suffering every day that we are in this world. It is a matter of learning, applying, experimenting, sometimes suffering and fighting; it is a matter of attitude, it all depends on the way you take life.

Finally, remember that life is a wonderful, complex but beautiful journey, and each day that passes is a kind of “whole life”, in which we are born in the morning when we wake up and at night, when we go to bed and close our eyes. , we die. We are a wonderful creation that is designed to fight for your dreams, we can always do what we propose, good or bad, it is up to us, as long as we believe in ourselves. Henry Ford wrote: “Whether you think you can or not, you are right.”

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