She Posted Something On Her Facebook Before She Died, Not Knowing That Those Would Be Her Last Words And The Ones That Would Lead To Her Death

None of us know what the last words in our life will be. This young woman lost her life for exactly publishing these words.

According to what has been published by Perfecto Guro, this young woman with a whole life ahead of her met her death, doing something that is fashionable, and of which we all want to have total control, something we all think that: «A we will not happen ».

Courtney Sanford, has become one more number that adds to the statistics of these types of deaths.

His life ended when his phone gained his attention

Sanford, known as a very happy and fun woman, originally from South Carolina, was driving her car while listening to music on her car stereo. Suddenly the song ‘Happy’ started playing, and she decided to do something that many of us do: Write something on her social wall while driving.

“The song Happy (Happy) makes me happy!”

Those were her last words and the last her parents, friends and family will have of her. A few seconds later, she changed lanes (due to distraction with her phone) and crashed into a recycling truck coming from the opposite lane.

Sanford, died at a ‘happy’ moment in his life, but left a lifetime of unlived ahead

Some data that will impact you in terms of handling and sending texts

According to Texting and Driving Safety, 23 percent of car accidents involve a cell phone, which translates into 1.3 million accidents per year in the United States alone.

The minimum amount that using the phone takes away from you while driving is 5 seconds, which is equivalent to crossing a soccer field 88 kilometers per hour.

Texting, taking selfies, or posting things on your social walls are deadly things, and no matter how many times you’ve already done it, without anything bad happening to you, it doesn’t mean at all, that it will never happen to you, or that you will never be. the person responsible for the death or injury of someone else.

Why can’t we wait to post things on our walls

It’s simple, because we don’t have patience, because the world has changed, and what sells the most is what is instantaneous; From rice that can be cooked in 5 minutes just by adding boiling water to mashed potatoes, life has changed, and the faster the better.

We can’t wait for anything, and that’s why we’ve forgotten how to be happy

We need to know what others think of what we are doing, we feel a great urge to do what we feel, live, see, hear something public.

This is how we measure our value

How wrong we are. Our value is not in what others say or think about our lives.

I invite you to a challenge

Don’t post anything on your social walls for a month. Make your life normal, take photos for yourself and your family. Don’t make your life a public carnival that wants to get the attention or approval of others. Just focus on what you are doing in that moment, with the people who are with you in those moments.

And then tell me what changed in your life, do you dare?

And please, do not use your cell phone when you drive, no photo, song or landscape is worth losing your life or making someone else lose it.

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