She Has Cancer And Her Biggest Wish Was Fulfilled By Ricky Martin

The Puerto Rican was sensitized to the woman’s request and fulfilled her wish.

Many times we dream of things that seem impossible to us. However, when something seems impossible to us, we have to bear in mind that we already have the “no”, and the premise is always to go in search of the “yes”. This is what an Argentine woman did when she asked Ricky Martin to send her a greeting, so that it would give her the strength to begin treatment for a serious illness. And she got it.

Paula D´amico is an Argentine woman who is experiencing severe lymphatic cancer, after having defeated breast cancer last year, according to the Argentine news portal Todo Noticias.

The greatest desire of this woman is the one that any good mother has: to see her daughter grow up, who is 5 years old and her name is Tiziana. That is why she is giving this type of cancer a tough fight, and for this she feeds not only on the strength and good energies of the affections that surround her, but on a dream that she recently fulfilled: Ricky Martin sent her a saluted and made him a promise.

Ricky’s promise

It was Cecilia, one of the mothers of her daughter’s schoolmates, who asked Paula what she would like to do before undergoing invasive chemotherapy. Without hesitation, she said ” I want Ricky Martin to send me a good wave to start the treatment with energy . Thus it was that Cecilia did not wait any longer and used her Twitter account to make the request to Ricky Martin, in which she wrote: « _Pau continues his fight against cancer, with new chemo to see his daughter grow. Let’s get energy message from Ricky Martin _ ». With a photo of Paula and her daughter Tiziana, Cecilia enraptured the singer and the request was soon heard.

The singer not only became sensitive to this post, but also made him a promise. He replied to the tweet by writing « _mil kisses, pretty baby. I know everything will be fine. You are light. When I return to Argentina we will see each other and I will give you a tight hug _ ». Imagine how Paula felt to see this message. The overwhelming energies of these beautiful words of who she is a fan will surely make a dent and help you navigate the hard road of treatment.

A great human being

Beyond Ricky Martin’s busy schedule, the international singer took a few minutes in his life to respond to this message. Many will say “it’s just a few words”; however, they denote a great perceptibility of those who are used to the great bustle of artistic life. He might as well have missed the message, or maybe just sent a hello. However, he chose to make a promise, and commit to seeing and hugging her when I set foot on Argentine soil. A table that expresses his degree of kindness and affection for those who show him respect and admiration.-

What is lymphatic cancer?

The type of cancer that the protagonist of this story goes through is that which is rooted in the lymph nodes. According to the Medline site, when this type of cancer begins in the lymph nodes, it is called lymphoma. Cancer cells can also spread to lymph nodes from cancer anywhere in the body. When cancer has spread to lymph nodes, it is in a more advanced stage.

Chemotherapy, rays and removal of the lymph nodes are the treatment alternatives for this type of cancer. One of the symptoms to take into account is the swelling of the lymph nodes, which is why you should see a doctor immediately for a proper diagnosis.

We need good energies to heal the body

Medicine has infinite solutions to the problems of the body, but we are the ones who, with our mind, have the power to put our energies to heal ourselves. Messages of encouragement, prayer, accompaniment, listening, are determining factors when recovering from a sick person at any stage.

Ricky Martin’s gesture is sure to give Paula all the strength to deal with chemotherapy, and then she will eagerly wait for the artist to fulfill his promise. which will surely fulfill. What do you think?

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