She Had To Potty Train Her Twins. What She Learned Can Help You

If you have a potty-learning baby and you’re struggling, read this. You will see that in reality your work is not that complicated.

If teaching one child to go to the bathroom is a bit difficult, imagine what it is like to teach two at the same time. That has happened to me: I have twins of 2 years 8 months and the time came when it was finally time for them to stop using the diaper. And this is what happened to me:

I thought it would be a very difficult task for me, since we are dealing with two children and at home we only have one bathroom. You can imagine: total chaos. So I followed the following steps:

I compared the different options that are currently manufactured to facilitate this stage

I thought, for example, of the practice baths, and after thinking for a while, I decided not to use them. First, because it would only occupy one, but I was sure that my children, because of the novelty, would want one for each one. What I wanted was to remove their diapers, not only to make them more independent, but also to stop spending on diapers, so double-spending was not an option for me.

Risk making decisions

So I thought again, then decided that I would take a risk (What does raising children not have to do with risking making decisions?). And finally I just bought a special child seat that fits the toilet.

Teach by precept and example, with great patience

Then I explained to my twins that they would no longer wear a diaper and that they would have to tell me to come to the bathroom and they would have to take turns, yes, take turns using the bathroom, they do everything exactly at the same time. Believe me, I tell you many hours of effort and frustration and patience in the single sentence of “it was not easy at all.” But I think after a lot of crying and fighting over the bathroom, they had to accept it.

Practice without giving up

What I did was completely remove their diapers and put cloth underpants on them so that if they got wet, they would feel uncomfortable and so they would go to the bathroom. Of course they had many accidents and I had to be behind them all day to clean them, and try to control stress because at first they just wanted to play in the bathroom, I spent the whole day in the bathroom, but I decided to be patient and continue with what had already begun.

And after 2 long weeks they finally learned to go to the bathroom by themselves, all the effort because it was, it was worth it.

I invite you not only to be encouraged to teach your baby, but to not be discouraged once you have started. Make up your mind. I don’t know if there are many methods to teach a child to go to the bathroom, but I am convinced that no matter what method you use, the secret to achieve it is in four words:

  • Be patient.

  • Be constant.

Do not stress, they are learning something entirely new, and they will want to play, and sometimes they will forget, but that is what you are for: to remind them and explain them again. But one thing is very certain: If you have already decided to remove the diaper, be consistent. This is something that you cannot leave it for one day or another: it only takes two or three weeks, in which you must continue daily, so that they can go to the bathroom.

Outside of laziness, I know we have many things to do in our home and work, but give yourself your time whether it be two hours, three hours or all day, be constant daily. I invite you to share this article. Believe me: if you could with two children at the same time, you can twice as easy with just one.

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