She Crossed The Line: A Model On The Verge Of Suicide After Following The Latest Fashion Milestone By Tattooing One Eye

The fictional needs that some new fashions create can take young people to a very dangerous extreme

Catt Gallinger believed that her decision would set a trend, and that it would also attract everyone’s attention. But far from receiving flattering comments, the young woman regretted having inflicted such damage on her body: she got one of her eyes tattooed, and now she is partially blind and emotionally unstable.

According to The Sun, the Canadian model dreamed of giving her body a touch of uniqueness. Piercings and tattoos adorned her figure and she was very happy with it. But she decided to go further, and decided to dye the white part of the eye, called the sclera. Catt wanted her eyeball to look lilac, and not white as normal.

A big mistake

But now, he is alerting everyone and regrets his “huge mistake.” That is why he decided to share the photos of his eye on his Facebook profile, weeks after getting the tattoo, noticing that something had not gone right. The first thing she noticed was that ink began to leak out of her eye, as if her tears were purple; So she decided to go to the Hospital, where they gave her antibiotic drops. But to her surprise, the eyeball reacted badly to the medicine and became too swollen.

In an attempt to stop the swelling and discomfort he was feeling, the doctors then prescribed steroid drops, but soon after, not only did the pain increase but he also began to see blurry; his vision was being seriously affected.

A grim prognosis

According to The Independent, the doctors gave Catt a rather dismal insight into her situation, telling her that they believed that the ink she had used, as well as the procedure itself, was not done in a completely sterile and hygienic way, so that the ink had caused an infection. Now, all the violet liquid began to gather around the cornea forming a crust, and preventing the vision of that eye.

The medical staff was also somewhat pessimistic about the prognoses regarding the recovery of vision, since they do not believe that the young woman can ever regain her sight, but that over time the infection can worsen the condition.

Apparently, and according to professionals, what could have caused the infection were some factors such as the size of the needle, poor hygiene in the procedure, the depth of insertion, or the amount of ink used.

I’m so close to suicide

The model, who canceled all her upcoming and future presentations, recorded a video where she is seen completely regretful and where she encourages people not to make the same mistake that she did. By sharing her story, she hopes people will think twice before engaging in such invasive practices on the body.

According to The Independent, Catt uploaded a video – which she later deleted from the net for some reason – where she looked very shocked about it and said “My hair is falling out in clumps. I am 90 pounds and my weight continues to decrease, to even though I eat.

Despite the fact that the eye injury has improved over the days, Catt affirms that her mental health is very weak, as a result of the traumatic experience she has experienced. In the video she stated “I am so close to suicide, so close” in response to how traumatic these last weeks had been going from doctor to doctor to save her eye.

Why do people tattoo their eyes?

In all ages there are new trends in fashion that invite people to engage. In a way, there is a general trend seen in recent years which is to push the limits. The tattoo on the sclera is one of them. Because you are challenging your body’s own limits, and putting your own health at risk, at the cost of a new inclination or preference.

The new trend of tattooing the white part of the eye was born from the hand of the Australian tattoo artist, who calls himself Luna Cobra, according to an interview conducted by the BBC. The tattoo artist was impressed with a photograph that a client took him where his eyes were colored blue using the photoshop technique. So, he decided to make it happen. A decade later, many people in the world would accept his idea.

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The eye tattoo technique consists of injecting pigment directly into the eyeball, so that it is under the thin membrane that covers the eye, the conjunctiva. And it takes several punctures for the ink to completely cover the entire scleral membrane and for the tattoo to be permanent.

Sight loss

Specialists warn that these practices carry the potential risk of partial or total loss of vision, according to the BBC. The American Optometric Association condemns the practice, due to the high risk of infection it poses, as well as inflammation and blindness.

Blinding before fashion

For many people, following the latest world trends in fashion or customs of urban tribes, ensures belonging to a certain group or sector. Without measuring the consequences of what this implies, hundreds of young people lend themselves to subjecting their bodies to the latest vagaries of customs and styles.

Sometimes it is necessary to reflect to what extent we love ourselves, and to what extent we are capable of caring for ourselves. Valuing ourselves as we are will not only preserve our body from unnecessary invasions, but will help us preserve our mental and mental health. Have you ever succumbed to the vagaries of fashion?

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