Scientists Reveal That This Simple Act Of Beauty That Most Women Perform Monthly Increases The Chances Of Getting Breast Cancer

A very common habit in many women but one that carries a serious danger … would you trade your beauty for your health? We give you some options.

If you think about everything that makes you sick, you can’t even breathe. Now it’s the turn of hair dyes. According to scientists, women who stain more than six times a year have a greater chance of getting cancer. Would you stop coloring your hair even if it poses a risk to your health?

According to Mail Online, and according to a study by Professor Kefah Mokbel, from Princess Grace Hospital in London, women who dye their hair are 14 percent more likely to suffer from breast cancer. To reduce those chances, they should reduce exposure to synthetic dyes by using ingredients like henna, rosehip, and beets instead. Everything is for our health.

However, despite the results of the study, scientists still cannot establish a safe cause-effect relationship, that is, that increase in the probability rate may not be directly related to hair dyeing. “Although more work is required to confirm our results, our findings suggest that exposure to hair dyes may contribute to the risk of breast cancer,” said the professor according to The Independent. However, the recommendation to use ingredients still stands.

On the other hand, Sanna Heikkinen, from the Finnish Cancer Registry, said that Finnish research did find a link between women who use hair dye and the likelihood of developing breast cancer. But like Mokbel, Heikkinen stressed that scientists are not sure of a cause-and-effect relationship.

According to the National Cancer Institute of the United States, more than 5,000 different chemicals are used in hair dyes, some of which have been described as carcinogenic in animals. Likewise, in recent years some epidemiological studies have found that there is a greater risk of bladder cancer in hairdressers and barbers, due to being regularly exposed to toxins.

Allergies and irritations

When you buy a tincture for the first time to apply at home, you read the leaflet, and you find that you must carry out a previous test on a small area of ​​skin, on an arm for example, to see if you are allergic to any of its components. Only if you pass that test should you apply it to all of your hair. This test is done because dyes have large components of chemicals and toxic products that cause allergies and skin irritation. According to the EcoAvant site, ammonia is present in 80% of the colorations sold in the market, and it is what makes the hair not gradually lose color with each wash. But, when inhaled, or through direct application to the skin, it can reach the blood and damage the lungs, kidney or bladder, among other organs.

Another of the toxic components of commercial dyes is Paraphenylenediamine (PPD), a substance that is used to achieve more intense colors but that can cause major allergic reactions. According to EcoAvant, a 2008 Yale University study concluded that women who dye their hair dark more than nine times a year have twice the risk of developing follicular lymphoma.

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Too often in the year

Do you dye your hair? How often do you do it? I have California highlights, and really, if it’s for an aesthetic issue, I should touch up the roots every month. However, I go to the hairdresser every 3 or 4 months, as I have noticed that going every month damages my hair too much. Now, I have a much deeper excuse, and it is related to my health.

“What I find concerning is the fact that the industry recommends that women dye their hair every four to six weeks,” said Professor Mokbel, author of the study. In fact, beyond the risk of breast cancer, there are other dangers in being exposed to the chemicals that dyes use, and to which many women can be allergic.

On the other hand, dyeing your hair too often places a high cost on the health of the hair fiber, which becomes too dry, breaks and more treatments are needed to rebuild damaged hair.

Health vs. aesthetics

Many women will need to think twice before coloring their hair every month. Not necessarily a person will get cancer from going to the hairdresser every month, but following the opinion of experts, it is advisable to do it less than six times a year. Also, there are other more natural options for coloring hair that do not contain as many chemicals, according to the Better with Health site :

  • Reddish hair: henna

  • Blond hair: chamomile

  • Brown hair: walnut leaves with beer

  • Black hair: black tea

Sure, the natural options can be slower and the colors may not be as intense as a chemical dye, but the side effects to your health can be zero and your hair will not be damaged at all. Natural options, in addition to benefiting your health, benefit the environment, which is why thousands of people in the world choose these methods to color their hair.

Lots of women dye their hair their entire lives. It is advisable to start to become aware of the dangers to which we are exposed by following the designs of fashion and aesthetics, and start taking measures to take care of our health. For example, starting with postponing the frequency with which we color our hair, as well as trying to use dyes that do not contain so many harmful chemicals. Our health comes first. And you, how often do you dye your hair?

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