Scientists Reveal That The Human Mind Continues To Function After The Body Does Not Show Any More Vital Signs And That We Can Hear The Doctors When They Announce Our Death

The popular theory about the light at the end of the tunnel now has scientific foundations. Do you believe in life after death?

Death is the greatest mystery that has haunted human unrest for millennia. It is difficult for us to face it, explain it, and overcome it. We fear death because it is something unknown. However, many people claim that they returned from the dead, although many skeptics disbelieve these versions. How true are these theories?

According to Mail Online, a team from New York University’s Langone School of Medicine studied a group of people who claim to have “returned” from the dead. To do this, they took as a reference those people who were declared clinically dead. These people, after coming back from death, described to the doctors and nurses everything about the conversations heard in the operating room, and the visual things that were happening, that they would not have known otherwise.

Study author Dr. Sam Parnia, director of the New York University Medical Resuscitation Center, claimed that these memories were verified by medical and nursing staff who reported that their patients, who were technically dead, could recall details. of what they were saying.

According to Live Science, Parnia and her colleagues are currently investigating the penetration of consciousness after death. They are working with large numbers of people in Europe and the United States who have suffered cardiac arrest, in the largest study of its kind. The study researchers also observe the brain in detail during the period of cardiac arrest, death and reactivation, to understand how much oxygen is reaching the brain, when exactly the cortex is “revived” again, and how these experiences are related to brain activity in yes.

How is death defined

Clinically, according to Live Science, death occurs when the heart stops, as the blood supply to the brain is immediately cut off and cells throughout the body die rapidly, although the complete death of brain cells can occur hours later that the heart stopped.

CPR can send blood flow to the heart and from there to the brain, which can revive the person. People, in the first phase of death, can experience some form of consciousness, Parnia said. Evidence reveals that people whose hearts stopped and then started working again were able to describe accurate and verified accounts of what was happening around them.

Return from death

It is not something new that many people claim to have returned from death and have had paranormal experiences. An article by the BBC compiles 7 cases of the thousands around the world, of people who claim that they saw the “light” after death, and returned from it.

Many attribute this experience to purely physical sensations caused by the same lack of oxygen in the brain, others attribute it to a spiritual experience. But, having a concrete scientific explanation in this regard, the arguments have a better grip. According to another Live Science publication, and according to an animal study conducted last August, near-death experiences could be caused by a wave of electrical shots in the dying brain.

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Many patients who have suffered cardiac arrest describe having near-death experiences. These experiences often have similar elements, such as a feeling of being out of body, tunneling into warm light, seeing deceased loved ones, and knowing that it is not yet time to leave. The sensations are real and the doctors, beyond finding scientific explanations, there are things that they cannot explain, such as the reunion with our loved ones.

The 7 experiences after death

According to the BBC, Doctor Parnia categorized the different cases studied, which in many cases were repeated among the different testimonies, for which he decided to classify them and attribute the following characteristics:

  • Fear

  • See animals or plants

  • Bright light

  • Violence and persecution

  • Deja vu

  • See relatives

  • Memory of things that happened after cardiac arrest

Despite the fact that many people who returned from death coincide in many of their experiences, the specialist assures that many of the lived experiences have to do with the beliefs of the person.

Beyond what science says, there are certain things that we still cannot explain and that for this, we rely on Faith. And you, do you believe in life after death?

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