Scientists Intercepted Message They Believe Comes From God

Scientists from the University of California announced that one of the radio telescopes they use to search for extraterrestrial intelligence, detected a very SPECIAL transmission.

Do you remember that famous Contact movie?

If you didn’t see it, I’ll tell you about it simply by means of radio telescopes, some scientists manage to make “contact” with a higher power in space. Personally, I loved the movie! And I was even more surprised to learn that it was an adaptation of the novel by the great scientist Carl Sagan written in 1985.

Carl Sagan developed the idea of ​​a “Contact” in 1979 based on various scientific theories of space and the cosmos, such as black holes, wormholes, and time-space theories by Einstein and Rosen. In short, it was wonderful to see in the cinema the philosophical discussion, the intellectual and economic interests and finally, the communion between science and religion.

And as they say out there: “real life surpassed fiction”

A few days ago, The Citizen gave disturbing news: “Scientists from the University of California led by announced that one of the radio telescopes they use to search for extraterrestrial intelligence, detected a very special transmission.”

I read the entire article because it immediately reminded me of the Contact movie, as on that occasion, a strong narrow-band radio signal from outside the solar system was detected in the radio telescopes of Puerto Rico. In 1977 the Big Ear radio telescope at Ohio State University recorded exactly the same signal.

The most exciting thing about the event comes when the incomprehensible series of numbers and letters reported by the radio telescope exactly matches the 29 letters that spell five words from the ancient Hebraic language giving a shocking message: “I am Yahweh, universal creator” or »My name is Yahweh, creator of the Universe »

Exciting right?

The excitement ends when the Muslim scientific community declares that it is somewhat “suspicious” that it was precisely a Jew who translated the message….

Dr. Werthimer and his team continue to seek to identify the source of the signal and then send a response message.

After knowing all this story I am left thinking and I conclude for myself, some things that if you allow me, I will share:

I have a lot to learn about astronomy!

And science and technology and a thousand other things in this world! When we receive any information of this or any other type, we must have the knowledge and intelligence to know how to distinguish between the real thing and the fake news. Educating ourselves, reading about many and different topics, studying and not letting ourselves go by anyone’s opinion is very important today in a world with too much unfiltered information.

Communication with God

I consider myself a believing person and as part of my beliefs, direct communication with God occupies a privileged place. I firmly believe that today we can have communication with Him in various ways, praying, fasting, meditating, studying the scriptures and by serving those around us. Contemplating the universe can also be highly inspiring.

The power of prayer in our lives

Many things overtake us, great tragedies, death, nature itself and prayer is comfort, power and acceptance. Miracles are derived from it and it is also the origin of a peaceful life. Try praying and you will see how your life, I don’t know how, gets a little better.

Watch the Contact movie again! I highly recommend it!

In truth, watch the movie and think about the issues it raises, surely you will be left wanting to study a little more about wormholes, time travel and the nature of God.

And remember: Don’t stop looking up at the sky!

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