Scientist Discovers The True Face Of Jesus; He Claims He Found The Only Realistic Image Of Jesus Christ (it Has Nothing To Do With The One We Know Of)

Science wants to prove with facts what faith only believes.

Discoveries and research about Jesus have always captured the intrigue and dedication of scientists around the world. Whether they are believers or not, anthropologists and historians are fascinated by the story of the most influential man in the history of mankind. Now, a scientist reveals what the face of the son of God is. Is it how you imagined it?

According to the Daily Mail, the British biblical historian Ralph Ellis would have found a coin from the time of Christ where the face of Jesus would be reflected. And what until now we saw in paintings, images, films about his face would presumably be demystified through the discovery of this scientist, who says that it is the “greatest discovery in modern history.”

The face on the coin

Ellis found a 1st century coin depicting the rotro of King Manu, ruler of the Mesopotamian kingdom of Edessa, in what is now southeastern Turkey. But, according to the expert’s research, King Manu and Jesus would be “the same person.” To argue, the scientist states that Jesus and Manu were born in Nazareth, they were Jews, and they both lived in Jerusalem. And, of course, both were seen by the Roman authorities as a “threat” to power.

All his research is published by the scientist in his book that goes on sale this month, called “King of Edessa” and compiled in the interview published by Daily Mail.

Seeing is believing?

Science constantly needs empirical and demonstrable facts to quell awareness of the unknown. For men of Faith this does not make them sleepless, but for skeptics, all theories about Jesus need to be proved.

These are, they are simply two positions, different but complementary. The story of Jesus is one of the best known and rich in nuances in the world. For people of Faith, Jesus may have been King Manu, or he may have had short hair, or he may have been depicted on a penny, or he may have been black in color, but his power will never be discussed.

Faith is the most powerful weapon in a person, whatever religion it is. When we hold onto it, we create a powerful envelope around us that stops all negativity, and that’s how I always like to describe it. Well, Faith in God is almost always also Faith in oneself and in the Universe. Prayer, as a miraculous tool, is an essential weapon in the exercise of Faith, and a sure path towards blessing in life.

Many religions, one Jesus

Jesus is one. Despite the different branches of Christianity, and regardless of whether or not Jesus is the one on that coin, Jesus is still one, and is the son of God the Father.

Fighting among ourselves to say which religion is “better” or which teaches the most about Jesus Christ is nothing more than running from the path that God wants us to be on. A Christian wants to follow the teachings of Christ, because then, to carry Jesus in our hearts, the first step is respect for the other.

We are all the same

Jesus makes it clear that in the kingdom of heaven we are all equal no matter how many titles you may have within a ministry. ”Do not judge anyone, so that no one judges you. For as you judge, you will be judged, and with the measure you measure others, it will be measured to you “(Matthew, 7: 1-2)

Jesus was the most important man in Western history. How have you come to know their teachings?

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