Science Reveals That Having A Sister Makes You A Better Person

If you are lucky enough to have a sister, then you will probably agree with me when I say that a sister can be your worst enemy at certain moments in life and at the same time can become an inseparable friend and accomplice. Family ties are almost impossible to break and although in some situations the fights between sisters seem stormy, they are actually part of your childhood that greatly influenced who you are today, shaping your identity and personality.

Science has revealed that there are several benefits to having a sister, so many parents today are considering having two or more children. A study carried out by Alex Jensen, professor at the School of Family Life at Brigham Young University, Utah, United States, published in the Journal of Family Psychology, ensures that sisters make you a better person.

1. Improve your self-esteem

Self-esteem is what you think of yourself, emotionally it is self-love, confidence, expertise, respect, recognition and acceptance. A sister helps you feel valuable by participating in her games and adventures, developing your confidence and security, as well as protecting you from loneliness and fear. Your sister believes in you and will motivate you to do things that you might not think you were capable of, strengthening your self-esteem.

Your sister is the best companion when you go shopping, when you want to put on makeup, comb your hair and dress for your first date, she will help you feel precious and beautiful, strengthening your self-confidence.

2. Strengthen your positive mental health

The World Health Organization defines positive mental health as a complete state of physical, mental and social health, addressing aspects such as: attitudes towards oneself, growth, integration, autonomy, among others.

At this point, a sister helps you to improve your defects, so that you have a real vision of yourself and the qualities you have to face a problem situation, she becomes your guide and support, recognizing your effort to achieve a goal. In addition, she will be an accomplice who will advise you to face any situation no matter how difficult it may be, finding a reason to enjoy life, especially when the parents have died.

3. Benefits in emotional health

Fights between sisters are inevitable, I can remember a thousand times each argument, we could stop talking for a few days, however, we returned to being friends when we asked for forgiveness. In general, fights between sisters help regulate emotions, developing conflict resolution skills, improving communication, learning to argue, debate and find solutions together to have a better coexistence.

4. Develop social skills

It is a classic for parents not to let their daughter go to a party if she is not accompanied by her sister or brothers, that’s how it happened to me, that helped me improve my social skills. My sister has always been the soul of the party, many of her friends consider her an excellent companion and friend, quite the opposite of my personality, however, she invited me not to feel alone and have a partner to be able to have fun, reinforcing in me the confidence to make my own friendships.

5. It will help you be more compassionate

It is said that all children learn by imitating the actions of parents, in this case, you can learn from the behaviors of siblings. According to studies, a sister helps you become a more kind, sensitive and compassionate person, since they are protective and consequently will have a lot of influence on how you develop the same feelings. Sisters generally protect each other and are always concerned for their sister’s well-being, growing humility, empathy, and feelings of brotherhood.

It may be that you and your sister are totally different in their personalities, but thanks to her, you know that you can count on her help, support, guidance and advice when you find yourself in a problematic situation. Having a sister is a blessing, it is knowing that you are not alone in the world and that there will always be someone to help you selflessly.




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