Science Explains Why Babies Of Undocumented Mothers Can Be Born With Serious Health Problems

This factor that affects mothers living illegally can also affect other moms. Find out how to make your pregnancy unaffected and your baby to be born healthy.

There are people who live illegally in almost every corner of the world; In search of a better life and future for their children and their families, millions of people leave their homelands. Unfortunately, being ‘illegally’ in a country that is not ours can have consequences that can be reflected in our own health

Many people fear leaving home to buy food, go to the doctor, or just go to work. The stress caused by panic is a factor that causes many pregnant women to give birth to babies with low birth weight, a characteristic associated with developmental delays, behavioral problems and a high risk of suffering from chronic diseases, as reported in

In 2008 in Postville (Iowa), almost 900 immigration agents arrested 400 undocumented workers in a factory, researchers from the University of Michigan analyzed the birth certificates of more than 52,000 children, finding after the incident, that pregnant mothers, they gave birth to underweight children.

At present, studies are still being carried out in different states where campaigns against undocumented immigrants such as Arizona have been launched, to determine if the same pattern of underweight is repeated.

However, the factor that is repeated in all these situations is stress, which does not only occur in undocumented women. That is why it is important that we talk about this issue that affects the healthy development of any pregnancy:

Consequences of toxic stress

Toxic stress can occur when a person experiences severe, frequent, and prolonged adversity such as physical or emotional abuse.

If pregnant women continue to be exposed to high amounts of stress, they can impair their children’s brain development. In addition, there is the probability of suffering mental and emotional problems.

The Center for Child Development Health at Harvard University, conducted research on stress, found that the brain is affected, resulting in detrimental effects on learning, behavior and health throughout life. When people are threatened, bodies react by increasing heart rate, blood pressure, and stress hormones such as cortisol.

Tips to reduce stress

1. Accept what cannot be changed

Many situations are not under our control, as is the case with immigration policies. Accepting that you cannot change some things will allow you to let them go and not get upset. Find new ways to reduce stress-inducing thoughts, such as doing normal activities, without thinking that something will go wrong.

2. Avoid stressful situations

Whenever possible, staying away from stressful situations will help you to be calm and relaxed.

3. Exercise

The key to eliminating stress is doing physical exercise. Exercise releases chemicals that make the brain feel good and the body stays healthy, even helping depression and frustration. Walk in the park, ride a bike, swim, or whatever activity you like.

4. Positive thoughts

Finding a new perspective on problem situations is changing negative thoughts to positive ones, doing so will help you calm your mind. Look for new solutions and alternatives to problems to reduce anxiety.

5. Do things you like

At any time it is important to pamper yourself, doing activities that you like, such as: reading a book, cooking, going to see a movie, going out to dinner and so on. Finding a new hobby will focus your mind on new things.

6. Relaxation techniques

Performing yoga is a very good relaxation technique, listening to classical music, controlling your breaths, meditating and so on. Doing so will help lower your heart rate and lower your blood pressure, which is a great way to ward off worries.

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All pregnant women must take care of their emotional and physical state, so that when their babies are born they do not suffer from any health problems. Do all the relaxation tips and start enjoying life away from stress.

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