Science Discovers That There Are Only Two Types Of Men, Which One Are You With?

Find out what kind of man you have by your side and what – according to science – you should know about it.

Science makes constant experiments in search of obtaining more and more truths about the human mind and behavior of which, without a doubt, there is nothing written or definitive, because it is constantly changing. And in an effort to continue enriching this type of research, a few weeks ago a study carried out by the University of Chicago on men was published; scientists argued, they came to the conclusion that there are only two types of men, well, as you read it!

That is why we are going to share the characteristics of each of them below, so that you can discover which of these two you are with. Perhaps the classification might seem very obvious to you, but the moment you read its description, you will realize that it is very right. Check them out and see who of them you have by your side.

The number 1 type of man

This is the one all girls want to have by their side. He is one who has clear goals, is looking for a way to renew himself and does everything possible to be a better person. But in addition to being in tune with himself, he wants a woman with whom he can share all these situations that give him happiness and, therefore, the search is not easy: it is usually quite demanding.

But when he finds in a girl those characteristics that make her the ideal woman for him, he does not let her go for the world! He cares for her, he seeks to be present at all times of his life and, of course, he wants a future by his side and he is not afraid to express it!

Science has cataloged him as the man who “loves you”, it’s that simple. A boy who looks out for his own good and that of the person who is by his side is the one that every woman should have as a partner and husband.

Type of man number 2

This is the one you have to get out of your life. In this case, it may be that he is also looking for a way to be better every day, but in that effort he closes himself so much that he does not care much what the person next to him may be feeling. Yes, he is a bit selfish and to a certain degree arrogant and presumptuous; he doesn’t care who he has to step over to achieve his goal.

When he is with a girl, he does not care so much about her feelings, because he sees her as a company that sooner or later will leave his life; the only important thing left at the end of the road is himself and his happiness.

This type of man is classified as the one who “does not love you” or also as “the one who loves himself more. If you are with one like that, then you should think twice before wanting something more serious with him; It is a fact that will not change and that time will do absolutely nothing in favor of the relationship. It is good to love each other but this man already lives a level beyond, where individualism is a basic part of his day to day.

Well, have you discovered what kind of man you have by your side?

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