Say It But Really Feel It: Four Things Your Wife Hopes To Hear

Do you want to improve your relationship with your wife? Begin by expressing your sincere love to him in everyday conversations.

There are countless ways a husband can show his love to his wife: write her a little note on the bathroom mirror, give her a hug or a massage after a bad day, or take the kids for a walk, so she has a time to be alone.

But perhaps the simplest, and probably always overlooked, way a husband can prove love for his wife is by expressing his love to her through kind, caring, and appreciative words. As his partner, friend, and confidant, try to go beyond saying a simple “I love you,” and really consider how and what to say to your love. If you are a man of few words, let me guarantee you a good start:

Flatter her beauty – internal and external

As women, some of us take a hit to our self-esteem on a daily, if not hourly basis. That fashionable girl across from us at the supermarket cash register seems to yell, “Your clothes are misaligned” while the slim, leggy woman on a magazine cover seems to whisper, “You will never be enough.” We try to block that. We try to love ourselves despite stretch marks and extra pounds, but sometimes we feel like we are drowning in a sea of ​​inadequacy in a world obsessed with beauty.

As a husband, you can be the voice of love that rescues her from her self-loathing. With just a few words you have the power to make her feel valued, loved, and accepted as your wife and mother to your children. Just a little tip: don’t wait until she’s in full dress to give her compliments. One of the most precious moments with my husband was when she told me that I was gorgeous with my messy ponytail hairstyle, no makeup, and wearing sportswear. To my heart, her words meant: “I accept you and love everything about you. You are beautiful as you are now. “

To continue the compliments, you can refer to her inner beauty by saying things like this: “Thank you for being so patient with me” or “I love that you are so talented.” That way you will not only show that you are emotionally attracted to her, but you will also reaffirm that you are her committed and devoted companion for life.

Don’t wait until Mother’s Day to remind her how awesome she is

It’s hard being a mom. We spend our time trying to silence the harsh criticism, we struggle not to compare our bad day to the perfect Facebook photo of the neighbor. Some mothers are emotionally hungry, needing to be valued and appreciated for her difficult and glorious title of “Mom.” Saying things like this: “I love that you are so good with children” or “You are an extraordinary mother and I value everything you do” will work wonders.

How I can help?

Whether your wife works out or stays home with the kids, the state of your home can be a sensitive issue. Resist the urge to criticize the toys thrown on the floor or the pile of dirty dishes. Instead ask: How can I help? What do you need? That will be music to your ears. By communicating your willingness to help, you will ease their burden and show that you are wearing the same team jersey as you tackle household chores.

Share and dialogue

Have you ever seen the phrase “We want to hear from you” on a survey sheet shortly after trying a product or service? Many wives feel the same way about their husband.

From the book Then Comes Marriage , Doctors Ogletree and Brinley share this in relation to how women feel about communication: “For them, communication is the key to loving and feeling loved… women hope that love lasts for always, and such a relationship is achieved with couples who have learned to reach the deepest levels of human intimacy – physical, mental, spiritual and emotional. «

I love it when my husband shares his day with me – even if it’s the fun experience when he walked by the bank or the conversation he had with his coworkers. It’s those little things that let me into his world and make me feel like he wants me to be there. I feel closer and more connected and, in turn, I am more willing to share my feelings and experiences with her.

Don’t wait until your wedding anniversary or Valentine’s Day to tell your wife how much she means to you – and don’t assume she already knows. A great advocate for the family, Thomas S. Monson, has said, “It is often assumed that (the people around us) must know how much we love them. But we must never assume it, we have to let them know. We will never regret the kind words we say or the affection we show. Rather, we will regret if we omit those things in our interaction with those who mean a lot to us. “

The sooner you express the sincere love and appreciation you feel for your spouse, the faster you will discover a married and family life full of wealth and happiness.

Article translated and adapted into Spanish by Maia Fernandez from English “Say it and mean it: 4 things your wife is waiting to hear ” by Debbie Sibert.

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