Santa’s Priority Is Not What You Think

What is Santa doing right now? How do you organize your day on December 24? Have you ever wondered?

Imagine with me that we can transport ourselves to the North Pole on December 24 and witness what really happens in the life of Santa Claus that day, will you join me? Let’s be silent, we don’t want anyone to see us. Pay attention, you will be surprised what will happen!

Look! Santa has already gotten up and receives a hot chocolate with cookies from Mrs. Claus. They look at each other lovingly while eating breakfast. When they finish, they kiss and she adjusts his jacket, since Santa must be very warm to endure the delivery of gifts all night. Santa heads to the warehouse, where he keeps the gifts that the children of the world expect, with a mixture of joy and anxiety.

When the sleigh finally lifts into the air, Santa is happy. He knows the great happiness that he will bring to children with what he carries with him. The little ones know that wishes are fulfilled, that they can ask for and have the security of receiving what they have dreamed of. This is what makes Santa so happy, it is the reason why he loves this mission that has been entrusted to him: to bring joy to many children who suffer, who cry, who face the normal frustrations of life. They know that – if they have been good – there is no reason not to receive a nice touch this Christmas.

But stop! Santa doesn’t take the usual route. What should not go to the chimneys of the world’s homes now? Nobody told us that Santa made these breaks! Rodolfo the reindeer follows Santa’s instructions very naturally, it seems that this is something everyday on his agenda for this day! Then they turn around. Santa asks them to stop in a cold little town. Can you believe it? He’s going to get off the sled! What fly has bitten Santa Claus now?

Much to their regret, the reindeer stay in place while they follow our main character with their eyes: it seems that they want to accompany him. Already in the streets of the town, Santa Claus greets people, who are not too surprised by his presence (you and I are on edge, what will happen?). A little boy hands him a cookie, which he happily receives. Then, he goes to a brightly lit kiosk where some people observe a scene that you and I have known for a long time: Jesus and Mary, with the newborn Child. Then she gets down on her knees and adores him. What a beautiful scene!

In this beautiful video we see part of the story that I have told you above. It is moving! Did you imagine that this scene would be part of what Santa Claus does every Christmas Eve?

For me, this great idea expresses the challenge that you and I have this year: to live Christmas with its rush, its shopping, its delicious dinners and the beautiful company of those we love; but also live it honoring Jesus, bowing the knee before the King of Kings who teaches us with His simplicity and humility the most valuable thing in life: love. And yes: no matter what religion you profess, this is a good time to go to church, to come to Christ, to renew your spirituality.

What will be your priority this Christmas?

My Christmas wish for you is that we do the same as Santa. May we share with ours the transcendent and profound vision that we should really celebrate this day, with or without gifts: that a little Child left the Glory of Heaven to come to Earth to save us. Today —as then—, in this world plagued by vices, violence and injustice, He comes to remind us once again that He wants to be born in our hearts, so that we help spread more and more peace in our daily life. Happy merry Christmas!

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