Romanticism Not Only Does Not Go Out Of Style; It Is Essential For A Healthy Relationship

Many in the new generation believe that romantic is cheesy or old-fashioned. Read this to find out why it is necessary in any relationship

Corny? Romantic? Where is the line from one to the other? Does one give way to the other, deform it? As time goes by, what used to be romantic is now considered corny and old-fashioned. It is difficult to find out about couples in which poems are dedicated, popular songs have lyrics that are not compared to those of decades ago, which privileged love and women and the simplest details, such as giving a bouquet of flowers and opening the door to a woman they are seen as excessive and unnecessary. How do we get to this point? There is no definitive answer, but I can say that if couples took the time to be romantic I would not have to teach them what that implies when they come to therapy with me or they would not come at first.

Being romantic in your relationship is essential for the couple to be united and be happy. You cannot abandon this essential part and hope that nothing will happen, or that there will be no consequences. Maintaining the romanticism gives life to the relationship, hope in difficult times and security in those details that are forgotten as time passes, spiced with the fast and chaotic life that almost all of us lead today.

Although they are not big details, the following suggestions can help you infuse your relationship with a dose of romanticism that, by the way, this society every day forces you to forget, but which is essential in any relationship:

1. Go through the world hand in hand

If you think about it, at the beginning of your relationship they held hands at every opportunity, and couples who stop doing this suffer the absence of this elementary and simple physical contact to let the other person know love and affection they feel for her; so keep holding her hands.

2. Cachetito dance

For some reason, the notion of going out to dance has degenerated into an idea of ​​sexual movements in which the couple no longer see eye to eye. It wasn’t long ago that going dancing was not only fun, but one more chance to be romantic by following a cachetito ballad , or looking straight in the eye. The best thing about this is that we can do it almost any time and in our living room or bedroom, you just need a good song and that’s it.

3. Rescue details from oblivion

The little notes, the flower plucked from the garden, an unexpected kiss and a phone call during the day are small details that make the difference in a life full of monotony. In short, give yourself a little.

4. Education at all times

My grandmother always said that education is being lost in the new generations. I have to say I agree: basic things like opening the door or pulling a chair over to a woman, helping her put on a jacket, expressions like “thank you” and “please” are all now considered old-fashioned, and even Sexist! Such an education, however, never goes out of style for someone who understands its importance and the effect it has on the partner that fosters it: mutual appreciation and respect.

Let us not underestimate what is life itself in any relationship with the erroneous idea that it is corny, because the romantic never goes out of style, it is essential. Let’s remember this if we want to keep our relationship afloat.

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